Madonna opens up about terrifying near-death experience

Madonna. Picture: INSTAGRAM

Madonna. Picture: INSTAGRAM

Published Mar 11, 2024


Madonna, the ultimate material girl, had to adjust her world tour plans last year due to a health crisis.

The 65-year-old singer was hospitalized for a severe bacterial infection, which led doctors to induce a four-day coma to aid her recovery—an unexpected journey, to say the least.

At a recent performance on her "Celebration Tour" in Los Angeles, Madonna openly shared her harrowing experience, referring to it as a "near-death experience".

She confessed to feeling frightened and confused while in the coma but regained consciousness and firmly said, "no".

"I didn't know for four days because I was in an induced coma, but when I woke up, the first word I said was, 'no'.“

At her concert at the Kia Forum in Los Angeles, Madonna revisited her health scare, acknowledging it as a "surprise" and expressing gratitude to her attending doctor, Dr. David Agus.

She explained the physical challenges she faced while recuperating, including her struggles to regain energy and mobility.

She added: “I know that sounds insane, but it was difficult, and I didn’t know when I could get up again and when I could be myself again and when I would have my energy back. It was a strange thing to finally not feel like I was in control.

“And that was my lesson to let go.”

Madonna shared her concerns about her energy levels, recovery progress and tour readiness. His advice was straightforward: soak up the sun for vitamin D and ensure kidney health.

Recently, a collaboration between Kylie Minogue and Madonna left fans buzzing. @PopCulture2000s tweeted: "Madonna and Kylie Minogue performing 'Can't Get You Out of My Head' together is History."

But not all fans were impressed by her dance moves

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However, there’s another iconic video circulating of the two singing a slower version of “I Will Survive.”