Minnie Dlamini embraces her body: ‘I have an unimaginable appreciation for it’

Minnie Dlamini. Picture: Instagram

Minnie Dlamini. Picture: Instagram

Published Nov 29, 2023


Media personality Minnie Dlamini has found a new appreciation for her body.

The mom of one says that after giving birth to her son, she sees her body as being at its best.

Sharing a risqué picture of herself on Instagram, she wrote in the caption: “The older I get the more I love my body!!!

“After having my son and seeing the amazing things my body can do, I have an unimaginable appreciation for it. My body is much more beautiful to me than it has ever been.”

She also opened up about how body conscious she was in her twenties, saying she had been “obsessed with meeting societal standards and expectations”.

Now that she knows better, she loves her body more than ever.

“The reality is things aren’t the same, but this is the youngest my body will ever be!!!

“I spent my 20s self conscious and obsessed with meeting societal standards and expectations of what my body should look like, and looking back I’m like ‘girl you were perfect and you missed it!’

“So I’ve decided to love my body now more than ever before!!! Falling in love with me 💎 #PerfectlyMe #ForYourShadeOfBeautiful 🤎.”

Earlier this year, the “Curated By Tanqueray” TV presenter shared that while she wanted to embrace her body, she knew how important it was for her to lose the weight and “own the best version of her body”.

“I’ve introduced a healthy diet into my daily routine and I exercise quite often.

“I had to pay homage to myself and all the other women to show them that it’s possible to snap back after having a baby,” Dlamini said in an online report.