‘Naked and Afraid’ ventures into South Africa for riveting season premiere

The new season of ‘Naked and Afraid’ will feature South Africa’s wild terrains. Picture: Instagram.

The new season of ‘Naked and Afraid’ will feature South Africa’s wild terrains. Picture: Instagram.

Published Mar 18, 2024


The picturesque South African landscapes are the battleground for the highly anticipated season premiere of the Discovery Channel’s hit show, “Naked and Afraid.”

The series involves strangers fighting to survive extreme environments and dangerous wildlife, all while meeting in the nude.

The group of amateur survivalists are put to the ultimate test in the wild for days at a time, with nothing but a few primitive tools.

They have to use the natural elements to clothe themselves as well as to find food and water.

In season 17 of the reality show, which is set to air at the end of March, the South African wilderness will feature on the first episode.

“In the premiere episode, viewers will witness the gripping tale of a hunter and a farmer as they join forces to tackle the unforgiving wilderness of South Africa,” a statement read.

“Battling against elusive wildlife and harsh conditions, these brave survivalists must push themselves to the limit as they strive to endure 21 gruelling days without the comforts of modern civilisation.”

The statement added that a significant portion of the adventure unfolds in South Africa as it showcases the country's rugged beauty and formidable challenges.

“From traversing the Black Hills of the Northern Cape to facing off against deadly predators like man-eating crocodiles, lions, and poisonous snakes, the contestants must confront South Africa’s nature's raw brutality with every step they take.”

After the “Naked and Afraid” contestants battle it out in South Africa, they will head to Colombia.

“The season also features captivating storylines, including the return of veteran survivalists mentoring newcomers in an all-women tribe's challenge in Colombia, armchair survivalists attempting a 14-day fan challenge and a survivalist coping with menstruation in the heart of the African bush.”

∎ Season 17 of “Naked and Afraid” will premiere on March 27 at 8.55pm on Discovery Channel Africa (DStv channel 121). New episodes air every Wednesday.