Paxton shares her heartfelt love notes in newly released album ‘23:23’

Paxton Fielies. Picture: Supplied

Paxton Fielies. Picture: Supplied

Published Oct 30, 2023


South African music sensation Paxton Fielies is back just in time to set the music scene ablaze with the release of her much-anticipated sophomore album, “23:23”.

Hitting off the Summer season on a high, the 23-year-old Cape Town-based songstress says her new album, released today, is packed with matters of the heart. It’s her diary told through music.

The “Idols SA” season 13 winner told Independent Media Lifestyle: “The title of the album is a reference to me turning 23 in the year 2023 and the album being my diary entry for 23.

“Music is like a time capsule for artists; we are able to see how we’ve grown and evolved by looking at what we’ve created. This album gives the listener an inside look of what my twenties have been like so far. I have new stories to share. This album is a lot more grown compared to the first one.”

The album promises to be a musical journey through the highs and lows of relationships, offering a deeply personal glimpse into her experiences in recent years.

The album features previous singles, “Touch and Go”, and the recently released “Be There”, featuring Majorsteez, which have garnered widespread acclaim.

The singer also teams up with Mzansi music gem Shekhinah for the brand new “So High” single.

She describes the new release as an anthem that ‘’empowers women, encouraging them to take up space and love themselves unapologetically’’.

“It is an uplifting and confidence-boosting track that reminds women of the bright light within themselves and the importance of supporting one another.

“I am so blessed that I’ve been able to create music with Shekhinah and truly experience her in her element.

“ I’ve always admired her sound and work ethic, so getting to see her tap into her passion in real time was really inspiring.”

She concluded: “I’ve worked with an incredibly talented team, and this album reflects the best creative space I’ve ever been in. Each song on this album is deeply personal, and we wanted to make sure it’s relatable to our listeners.

“This album takes you on a journey through a relationship, highlighting the complexity of love, and it doesn’t shy away from being vulnerable. It’s a lot more grown and personal compared to my first album, and I hope it resonates with you as deeply as it does with me. I hope it moves and inspires you.”

Other tracks on the album include: “Element”, “Eye 2 Eye”, “Don’t Let Me Go”, “Something New” and “Memories”.