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Sunday, December 10, 2023

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PJ Morton helped steer ‘Idols SA’ Top 4 in latest show

‘Idols SA’ top 4, from left: Nkosi, Thabo, Princess and Faith. Picture: Supplied

‘Idols SA’ top 4, from left: Nkosi, Thabo, Princess and Faith. Picture: Supplied

Published Oct 17, 2023


The gents are dominating in the build up to the finale as Princess is the last woman standing.

The “Idols SA” Top 4 took to the stage on Saturday to win the hearts of Mzansi in another bid to make the cut.

Unfortunately, it was Niikiey who had to bow out.

In a night filled with soaring vocals and raw emotion, the top contestants proved why they've made it this far in the competition. They performed iconic hits from a playlist curated by special guest PJ Morton and serenaded audiences with popular love songs.

Viewers were also treated to a performance by the Grammy award-winning Morton, who serenaded the audience with his latest single, “So Lonely”. He was joined by rapper Maglero Doe Boy.

Kicking off the show, for a last time, the Top 5 entertained audiences with their harmonious rendition of The Beatles’ classic “Come Together”.

This was followed by the Top 4 delivering two awe-inspiring performances each, first from a playlist hand-picked by Morton and later, channelling the romance filling our screens, with their renditions of love songs.

Princess began with Erykah Badu’s “On & On”, receiving standing ovations and praise across the board.

Princess. Picture: Supplied

Mhlongo ecstatically said: “This performance was smooth and jazzy. You've won a fan in me."

Her follow-up selection was, “Shayizandla” by Naima Kay, which resonated deeply, with JR Bogopa who said: “You have given this song a rebirth.”

Princess told Independent Media: “My latest performance was great, I felt it the same way I enjoyed it, I believe that's how people received it

“My mission Is to stay consistent and put in the work and to give amazing performances every Saturday.”

Idols SA top 4 Nkosi. Picture: Supplied

Nkosi chose John Legend’s timeless “Ordinary People” and, despite being urged to connect more with his audience, was praised for his growth.

His interpretation of Ringo’s classic “Sondela”, brought mixed reviews, with Bogopa saying: “You had an opportunity for a home run there, but missed it.”

Nkosi said: “I feel great, I think I took the songs and made them my own … I brought Nkosi in them.

“I am grateful; this competition is not easy so to make it to this level. (It) feels amazing.”

Idols SA top 4 Faith. Picture: Supplied

Faith began with Musiq Soulchild’s “Love”, inspiring Mhlongo to remind him of the looming finish line.

Yet, his performance of “Bekezela” by Bekezela saw the return of Faith, with Thembi Seete happily commenting: "This was amazing. Welcome back."

Faith said: “Week in, week out, being on the stage, always feel like a different side of me musically, growth wise, I have learnt and grown so much.

“Making it this far in the competition, for me, speaks volumes, it proves that I’m good enough and If anything, I should believe it.

“I feel loved, graced and favoured, man, because my dreams have become a reality in my face.

“Honestly, entering the competition I didn’t think of myself getting this far in competition, so I’m definitely leaving my heart on that stage, no matter what’s happened moving forward.”

Idols SA top 4 Thabo. Picture: Supplied

Thabo left the audience roaring when he performed Prince’’ “Kiss”, and he received rave reviews for his second act, “Ndinike Indawo” by Jaziel Brothers.

Mhlongo said: “If there’s one person that deserves to win this competition, it’s you.”

Thabo said: “I feel I gave my performance, of the best that I could. It was big shoes to fill but I'm happy I took the risk and did it anyway.

“I feel now is the time to gather the last bit of strength and work harder than before, despite feeling so physically and mentally exhausted.”

His message to fans: “I am continuously humbled by your love and support and forever grateful for allowing me to reach this point of the competition.

“We're a few weeks away from the the finish line and I'm asking for your support and prayers, and I love you all so much.”

Cassper Nyovest is scheduled to light up the stage in the upcoming shows and Morton will return for what promises to be a grand finale.