Season 3 of ‘Selling the OC’ thrives on scandalous accusations and all-out drama

The cast of ‘Selling the OC’. Picture: Instagram.

The cast of ‘Selling the OC’. Picture: Instagram.

Published May 9, 2024


Real estate shows are a dime a dozen, but there's something about The Oppenheim Group that keeps us coming back for more.

Season 3 of “Selling the OC”, which dropped on Netflix last week, didn't just give us the usual million-dollar listings. It also served up a steaming pot of drama, hotter than the California sun.

From scandalous accusations to personal relationships hanging by a thread, this season had it all. But amid the chaos, one thing's for sure: “Selling the OC” is about more than just closing deals – it's a roller-coaster ride of fashion, flair and fiery personalities.

Remember Alex Hall and Tyler Stanaland’s whirlwind romance from last season? Well, buckle up because things are about to get even steamier.

‘Selling the OC’s’ Alex Hall and Tyler Stanaland. Picture: Instagram.

The season starts with Hall spilling the tea on their relationship, describing it as nothing short of juicy. But it's not all smooth sailing as Hall reveals that Stanaland, whose ex-wife is Hollywood actress Brittany Snow, went MIA on what she calls a “world tour” after their kiss which closed off season two of the series and left viewers hanging. Talk about a plot twist!

Meanwhile, Gio Helou is back with his signature “I'm a rich guy” attitude, and let's just say he's got beef with Kayla Cardona.

Season three sees a $28 million listing in the spotlight, which has Helou pointing fingers and throwing shade, accusing Cardona of stealing his “secrets and tricks”. Drama? You bet.

And speaking of drama, things really start heating up around the bonfire. Cardona confronts Helou about the rumours around her listing, leading to a showdown of epic proportions.

But wait, it gets juicier. Agent Sean Palmieri drops a bombshell, accusing Austin Victoria and his wife of offering him marijuana cookies and propositioning a threesome. You can bet that sent shock waves through the entire cast.

Some of the ‘Selling the OC’ cast members. Picture: Instagram.

Victoria decides to confront Palmieri, but this leads matters to escalate even further. Palmieri, ever the drama magnet, claims to have screenshots of Victoria and Stanaland flirting with him. But as the dust settles, it becomes clear that he was just seeking attention and spinning tall tales.

And let's not forget about Miss Nashville herself, Ali Harper, who left us cackling all season long. As an industry newcomer, she manages to mess up one of Helou's open houses, but her quirky charm and blissful naivety has viewers laughing out loud.

But when push came to shove, she shows her loyalty by standing up for Cardon, even going head-to-head with Hall.

But the real bombshell comes when Stanaland and Hall have their long-awaited heart-to-heart.

Ever the smooth talker, he wants to give things another shot after ghosting Hall, but she drops a bombshell of her own which adds yet another complication to their relationship.

As for the final episode, let's just say it ends on a rather abrupt note, leaving fans scratching their heads and wondering if we're in for a to-be-continued situation. With three cast members bidding adieu, it's anyone's guess what the future holds for “Selling the OC.”

Season three of the hit reality show had fans talking as it continued to spark conversations and debates online.

Some even seemed to have enjoyed Palmieri throwing the clique under the bus.

This included @Esi_dede_ who took to X to write: “Selling the OC season 3 was the best in my opinion 😂. Sean cooked everyone before quitting lmaooo.”

While @lorelaiswelton wrote: “Selling the OC is really eating up Selling Sunset with the drama this season????”

“Selling the OC” is currently streaming on Netflix.