Siv Ngesi claps back at X trolls ‘hating’ on his content

Siv Ngesi in France. Picture: Instagram

Siv Ngesi in France. Picture: Instagram

Published Oct 20, 2023


Media personality Siv Ngesi has fired shots on X (formerly Twitter) after claiming that followers were hating on his recent French content.

Ngesi, who recently celebrated his 38th birthday in France, has been sharing content of his activities in what he calls the “dreamy” city of Paris.

Cape Town-based Ngesi told followers that he also got to watch the quarter-finals of the recent Springbok victory against France and named it the “sporting highlight” of his life.

But some followers were not too happy with his recent content shared and called him out on X.

In response, Ngesi clapped back: “So much hate and negativity towards my French game content! While so many are being haters on Twitter, some of us are getting paid to travel the world! Hating your own lives must be so hard!”

Below are some of the comments he was referring to:

@LeeMajikija wrote: “Walking around the city streets in underwear and taking your pants off at the stadium? Yet you think the people who are annoyed with you are the problem?”

@Brodsky55478412 wrote: “Ohhhh..You were not really genuine and feeling the anthem? You were creating content and singing for your lunch?”

@roiboss1 wrote: “it’s you walking around in underwear that’s the problem cause rugby is a family sport & I for one wouldn’t like my daughter to see a stranger walking around in underwear in a public place, it only takes one person to complain & you are out. & I would have complained”