The Mother City comes alive to ‘The Sound of Music’

Craig Urbani leads the all-star South African cast in 'The Sound of Music'. Picture: Supplied

Craig Urbani leads the all-star South African cast in 'The Sound of Music'. Picture: Supplied

Published Dec 12, 2023


In a collaborative effort led by Pieter Toerien and Cape Town Opera, the highly anticipated revival tour of Rodgers & Hammerstein’s classic musical, “The Sound of Music”, is making its grand return this December.

“The Sound of Music” holds a special place in the memories of many, weaving its melody into the tapestry of childhood recollections.

This iconic tale, inspired by the real-life adventures of Maria von Trapp, introduces audiences to a young woman, who is on the path to becoming a nun.

But her life takes an unexpected turn and she assumes the role of governess for Captain von Trapp’s seven children, setting the stage for a touching narrative that resonates across generations.

The backdrop of the Second World War adds a poignant layer as Maria injects music and joy into the household, providing solace after the captain’s wife dies.

Originally a stage triumph with six Tony awards, including Best Musical, “The Sound of Music” later made cinematic history as a five-time Oscar-winning film, solidifying its status as the most successful movie musical to date.

The curtain will rise at the Artscape Opera House on December 14, unveiling television and theatre luminary Craig Urbani as Captain von Trapp and Brittany Smith as the indelible Maria.

For these actors, the weight of their roles is nothing short of monumental. Under the joint direction of Pieter Toerien and Cape Town Opera, this production promises to be a theatrical highlight, reintroducing the world’s most cherished musical to South Africa.

But the excitement doesn’t stop there. After captivating audiences in Cape Town, the production will journey to Johannesburg’s The Teatro at Montecasino.

Save the date for an evening filled with timeless melodies, including classics like “My Favorite Things”, “Climb Ev’ry Mountain”, “Do Re Mi” and “Sixteen Going On Seventeen”.

Lead actor Urbani told “Cape Talk”: “It’s a wonderful journey to play as an actor. You meet him and find he’s militant and strict, and won’t open himself to vulnerability. After two hours, you start to peel away and the audience starts to warm to him. And that’s what love does.”

When: From December 14 to 30 at 7.30pm. Secure your tickets ranging from R150 to R550, available for purchase at Webtickets.

Where: Artscape Theatre Centre, Cape Town

“The Lion King”

The Eoan Group School of Performing Arts is set to take audiences on a nostalgic journey with their end-of-year dance production, a lively interpretation of Disney’s “The Lion King”.

The performance recounts the journey of Simba, a young lion prince, as he faces challenges to fulfil his destiny as the King of the Pride Lands.

First showcased in 1998 at the Joseph Stone Auditorium, the production is a testament to the group’s artistic legacy.

As the school wraps up another year of artistic exploration and development, “The Lion King” stands as a testament to the enduring power of storytelling through dance.

The carefully crafted choreography, captivating costumes, and harmonious music promise an unforgettable spectacle that promises to transport the audience straight to the heart of the Pride Lands.

When: December 15 to 17. Tickets cost between R80 and R150 and can be purchased at Webtickets.

Where: Joseph Stone Auditorium, Protea St & Klipfontein Rd, Athlone.

“One Night Only With Simphiwe Dana”

Starting her music career in 2002 at the age of 22, Simphiwe Dana has become influential and inspirational in South Africa, influencing everything from fashion to culture and even politics.

She’s known for using her music to touch on important social issues.

Simphiwe Dana. Picture: Instagram

Now, the well-known singer, activist, and award winner is getting ready to wrap up the year with a special performance. She has a powerful and soulful voice that has won the hearts of people all over the world.

Dana hopes to start important conversations through her music by raising awareness about issues within communities across South Africa, Africa and beyond.

This upcoming show is more than just a concert; it’s a chance to join Dana and her fans in celebrating life, personal achievements, and the good things happening around the world.

Get ready for a positive and uplifting celebration as we look forward to a hopeful 2024 together.

When: December 15 at 7.30pm. Tickets cost R600 and can be purchased at Webtickets.

Where: Concert Hall, Baxter Theatre Centre