Trevor Noah wraps up India tour: ‘Thank you for sharing your rich history’

Trevor Noah. Picture: Instagram

Trevor Noah. Picture: Instagram

Published Oct 5, 2023


It seems like Trevor Noah’s decision to leave “The Daily Show” is paying off because he certainly looks to be having the time of his life.

The award-winning South African comedian is currently touring different countries with his “Off The Record” comedy show, which will end in Washington DC next April.

Last month, he was back home in South Africa, and although his visit was surrounded by a R33 million controversy, his fans were super excited to attend his shows in Joburg, Cape Town, and Durban for a rib tickling night of comedy - and boy, did he deliver!

He also visited India for the first time to perform, and just wrapped up shows in Delhi and Mumbai. He had such an amazing experience that he’s already planning to return.

“India. What an experience it was coming and performing in your country for the first time,” shared Noah on his Instagram timeline along with a photo dump.

He continued: “Thank you for sharing your rich history, your delicious cuisine and your fantastic arguments with me.”

Then he thanked everyone who came out to support him and basically promised that he’ll be back.

“Thank you to everyone who came out to the shows in Delhi and Mumbai because you made it truly unforgettable. Bangalore, our story isn’t done, I’ll be back and next time we’ll make sure it’s the best show ever. ❤️🙏🏾.”

His post definitely got the attention of the Indians, who say that there is more to India than the impoverished pictures that Noah posted.

Instagram user Supriya Goyal commented: “Lot more to India than what you have shown in your photos Trevor … some very affluent areas, beautiful temples/architecture, a much greater variety of food etc.

“I don't think I am alone in being disappointed that you chose to show mostly the impoverished side of India (which of course exists, as it does in your motherland, and is regrettably in stark contrast to the poorer areas of the US) etc.

“Before I get attacked, I am just tired of India being portrayed as a backward country - for goodness sake India just landed on the moon - this narrative needs to change!”

Many others agreed with her.

Rucha Nagavekar wrote: “Loved your show! So glad you visited India and picked on the nuances of the country and the people. It was culturally insightful!

“You correctly captured the sentiments of every Indian in that room, especially when you spoke about the traffic! What a lovely show.

“Following your work for 9 years now. Loved watching you live; Please come again.”

Next up, Noah will head to Richmond, Virginia, for two shows, followed by 10 more in New York.