WATCH: Cyan Boujee accuses Prince Kaybee of making ‘sex tapes' with other women

DJ and media personality Cyan Boujee Picture: Instagram.

DJ and media personality Cyan Boujee Picture: Instagram.

Published Nov 9, 2023


Prince Kaybee allegedly has a “secret stash” of sex tapes, which feature his romantic shenanigans with other women. This was revealed by Cyan Boujee on L-Tido's podcast on Wednesday.

She also explained to the renowned South African hip hop star, whose real name is Thato Madonsela, how Prince Kaybee slid into her DMs.

This was during a time when the pair were not in an official relationship. But this didn’t deter the DJ and media personality, whose real name is Honour Zuma.

“I just wanted to get smashed, and that happened so quickly,” she admitted on the podcast.

Boujee also recently addressed the matter involving her sex tape, which has since been shared on social media.

According to the buzz, she claimed that Kaybee was the mastermind behind the leaked video. In August, the DJ and media personality spoke to MacG and Sol on their podcast to unpack her perspective on the encounter.

“I don’t know man, I just feel like this was definitely planned,” she said at the time.

“The n***** definitely had an intention, because I feel like if it was a mistake, he could’ve responded to my texts as he usually does, you know. I have no words, guys.”

Meanwhile, a clip of the chat on L-Tido's podcast was shared on X with the caption: “According to Cyan Boujee, Prince Kaybee has a lot of sex tapes with other girls.😳”

Tweeps were quick to weigh in on the juicy revelation.

This included @Nthabeemaringa, who wrote: “I hope she's not trying to ruin his image for clout.”

@WorthyPromises added: “Prince Kaybee messed with the wrong girl...this one has no shame whatsoever.”

While @Olerato_Tsa commented: “Even if @PrinceKaybee_SA has these tapes It doesn’t matter. This girl needs to move on from this cause his getting dragged in this for nothing.

“The video was leaked okay sort it out and move on. The whole cyan brand is built on this all I’m seeing now is that she leaked it.”