WATCH: Doja Cat gushes over her talented father, Dumisani Dlamini

Doja Cat. Picture: Instagram

Doja Cat. Picture: Instagram

Published Dec 20, 2023


In a recent chat on US broadcaster Ebro Darden's “Apple Music 1” show, rapper Doja Cat gave fans a sneak peek into her family dynamics and addressed the misinterpretation of her statements.

First off, it turns out she's never actually met her father, South African actor Dumisani Dlamini. However, although they do not share an active relationship, she acknowledged her father’s talents and how in awe she is of his artistry.

Doja Cat, whose real name is Zandile Dlamini, shared how “dope” her father actually is and couldn’t resist bragging about his dance moves.

“My dad is so good at dancing; he’s a goated (Greatest Of All Time) dancer. It’s unbelievable, there’s this one video that my mom showed me.

“There’s one of him performing on Broadway I believe, his whole upper body was still but his feet were just like all over the place,” she said.

“He has so much ability and talent when it comes to dancing. Talent is the Dlamini family currency, and Doja Cat is here to keep that legacy cooking.”

Doja Cat has showcased a unique and creative approach in her music videos, though not all fans have embraced it with open arms. Some expressed discomfort with the explicit and overtly satanic imagery and symbolism featured in her visual works.

Nevertheless, in the interview, Doja Cat firmly denied these allegations, addressed concerns and provided her perspective on the controversial elements present in her music videos.

Additionally, Doja Cat emphasised that she was misquoted when accused of hating her fans.

She said: “You’ll never see a direct quote of me saying, ‘I hate my fans.’ Not once,” she said. “But it’s a really big misquoted thing. Never said that.”

Viewers loved seeing Doja Cat being herself and praised her for touching on these particular topics.

@planetkhalid commented: “I'm so tired of people saying that she's changed because when I watch any interview or IG live of her I see the same personality, sense of humor, mannerisms that she’s always had she’s unapologetically herself and I love that.”

@BAMTVBennie wrote: “LOVE this interview!! Doja is an ARTIST, and I can't wait to see her get that live band and explore every genre she wants. I’m going to support her always. It’s great to hear the real side of her and learn more.

“Let the ART speak for itself. She’s a future Legend in this game!”

While @carekkbear wrote: “I admire her for being AUTHENTIC and following her own path!!! Doja is definitely doing her thang and I ain’t mad at it!!!”