WATCH: Epic fail as 3 guys struggle to recognise Beyoncé in a picture

Published Oct 23, 2023


Everybody knows Beyoncé Knowles-Carter. Right? The biggest musical talent of our generation and a force to be reckoned. However, there seems to be a minority of people who live under a rock with no facial recognition whatsoever.

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In the trend of street interviews for social media likes, 3 unsuspecting males were shown a picture of the mega-star whilst being recorded for their reactions and they failed to recognise Queen Bey.

Content creator and activist, Sebastian Stewart-Johnson, posted the video on TikTok of him interviewing 3 males in Idaho US.

Stewart-Johnson asked the question ‘do you know who this is’ while gesturing to a picture of Beyoncé. All the interviewees didn’t recognise her with one of them mistaking her for Michelle Obama.

Stewart-Johnson: “Do you know who this is?”

Respondent: “No.”

Stewart-Johnson: “Have you ever seen her by chance?”

Respondent: “No.”

Stewart-Johnson: “Have you ever heard the name Beyonce?”

Respondent: “I don’t think I’m familiar with the name. I know I definitely know anyone by that name.”

Stewart-Johnson: “Beyoncé is like the biggest black woman singer basically.”

The following interviewees also gave similar responses and of course, social media users weighed in.

TikTok user, Samantha, said: “The first guy reminds me of kids from a family I grew up with who weren’t allowed to consume pop media or use the internet. He’s so nervous.”

Another user, Workers unite, said: “This is so shocking to me. I don’t really know her music but I’m extremely surprised people wouldn’t recognize her as one of the most famous singers.”

And Yoju Tana Jihose, said: “The fact they don't know her is very questionable. Like she been around like decades. Where were they? Did they never listen to music at all?”