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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

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5 easy tips to detox your body post-Diwali

Get back to mindful eating. Picture: Pexels/Nadin Sh

Get back to mindful eating. Picture: Pexels/Nadin Sh

Published Nov 13, 2023


Over-indulgence during Diwali is quite a normal phenomenon for many people.

In the build up to Diwali and the day itself is often laden with sweet treats, sugary stuff, fried food and rich cuisine.

Once the festival of lights is over, many are filled with regret. As such, pull yourself together and get back to your healthy eating habits.

For those who are searching for ways to go about your healthy eating habits, here is what you should do.

Stock up on fruits and veggies. Picture: Pexels/Abet Ilacer

Stock up on fruits and veggies

No matter how diet-conscious you are, during Diwali, you will find yourself overloading your system with alcohol, soda, and junk food. Over-eating this type of food can make you feel bloated and give you constipation. In addition, your body can also start craving essential vitamins, minerals, and fibres by this time.

So, to balance things out, what you need to do is to stock up your refrigerator with healthy and nutritional fruits and veggies.

In the post-Diwali days, you should keep your diet light and consume more fruits like oranges, guava, and kiwi, apples, and veggies like bell peppers, sweet potato, tomato and zucchini.

If you get bored of eating these fruits and vegetables as they are, you can also consume them in the form of juices, smoothies, salads or soup.

Get quality sleep

The week-long multiple trips to various friends and family with loads of partying around can surely leave you tired and the best way to make your body recover from all this is to get a good night’s sleep.

Make sure you keep your gadgets aside and get some quality, undisturbed sleep so that you wake up rejuvenated and can kick-start your regular regime.

Stay hydrated. Picture: Pexels/Cats Coming

Stay hydrated

Drinking water and staying hydrated is a very important part of the detox process. Water helps flush toxins out of the body through urination and bowel movements.

Adding lemon slices and cucumber slices to the water adds a little flavour. You can even have various herbal teas but without sugar.


Intermittent fasting can sound like a fad, but the fact is that fasting is amazing for your digestive system. It helps your body and liver to recover.

The liver is a key detoxification organ and fats accumulate in it very quickly, especially after all the binge eating at Diwali parties.

Get back to mindful eating. Picture: Pexels/Nadin Sh

Get back to mindful eating

After attacking the oil-rich food items and calorie-laden sweets, it is now time to cut back on anything that is deep-fried or extremely sweet. The vicious cycle of overeating and feeling guilty should be countered by going easy on oil and sugar for some days.

It is better to avoid heavy meals and food rich in carbohydrates. An increase in the intake of fibre and fruits is highly recommended.