'Dr Matthew Lani' claims Department of Health denied him HIV treatment

The infamous ‘Matthew Lani’. Picture: Edited by Se-Anne Rall.

The infamous ‘Matthew Lani’. Picture: Edited by Se-Anne Rall.

Published Jan 2, 2024


Matthew Lani, who is notorious for his TikTok videos, is making headlines again, this time with a serious accusation against the Department of Health.

Lani, who calls himself “Dr. Matthew“, claims that the government is trying to cause him harm by not letting him into their clinics to get his HIV medicine.

Previously denied as a Wits University student, Lani has gained an online following by posting healthcare-related content. Now, in a video he later removed, Lani said: "I have a blister on my mouth hence I’m covering it.“

“Tell me why the Department of Health is trying to kill me because honestly speaking this is attempted murder."

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Lani added that he's been without his HIV medication for three weeks. He claimed that he tried going to his regular clinic, but he was turned away when he was recognised by security officials.

"You know yours truly is HIV positive, right? I get medication from a clinic down the road because it's forever empty. I get there and the security is like: are you not Dr. Matthew from TikTok?"

After confirming his identity, Lani alleged that he was shown a poster telling him he was not allowed in.

He added that he was also turned away by the clinic manager.

Lani said that this has now left him in a weakened state after being turned down yet again when he tried to seek medical assistance from a different clinic.

Claiming his rights have been violated, Lani has reported the issue to the The South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC), which, according to him, sided with his complaint against the department.

"If this is not attempted murder, I don’t know what is," Lani stated.

This controversy follows an earlier incident in October where Lani was found at Helen Joseph Hospital with a stethoscope, allegedly making videos for TikTok.

Since then, Lani claims the department has been trying to keep him out of their facilities.

However, the department denied instructing guards to keep him out, and instead, accused Lani of pretending to be a doctor.

The SAHRC is currently investigating Lani's allegations.

"It is a serious complaint, and any person can bring a complaint to the commission and we need to investigate it thoroughly," SAHRC Gauteng manager Zamantungwa Mbeki was quoted by Eyewitness News as saying.

Lani's claims that he was denied access to lifesaving treatment remain uncertain, as emphasised by the SAHRC that Lani has a right to medical care, regardless of the allegations levelled against him.