Even a queen has bad days: Natasha Joubert on struggling to find happiness

Miss SA Natasha Joubert. Picture: Instagram

Miss SA Natasha Joubert. Picture: Instagram

Published Apr 4, 2024


In her latest Instagram post, Miss South Africa 2023 Natasha Joubert traded her usual glamorous selfies for something a bit more real.

Joubert, who is eight-months into her reign, posted a picture of herself with red puffy eyes and a flushed face.

She said the picture had been taken after an entire day of crying, one month into her reign.

Alongside the picture, Joubert wrote about how she’s recently been feeling overwhelmed, tired and unhappy.

“There have been a few of these moments I kept in the archives. And this past two weeks I've been feeling like I felt on this day...

“I am now Miss South Africa for 8 months. And still have the days of feeling extremely overwhelmed. Recently I've been struggling feeling happy, full of purpose and like I have energy,” she said.

The queen shared that she has now realised that balance is everything and it’s the small things in life that matter the most.

“At times you can't do it all. You can't always be a power woman, full of energy, feel motivated, feel your most beautiful and manage everyone’s expectations.

“These past 8 months I have tried to be on top of it, push my boundaries, serve where I can, always be present in what I do and yet still struggle to feel fulfilled. And guess what? Still can't (make) everyone happy!”

She added that in the last two months she has undergone blood works because she didn’t feel like she normally does, however the tests came back normal.

“All my levels are normal and healthy, exhaustion looks different for everyone. Being in this year of my life, people will see you as an object, just what they can benefit, expect perfection and have a misperception that you don't have feelings.”

She continued to dedicate the last four months of her reign on balance, firm boundaries, rest, finding joy again and appreciating her loved ones.

“I hope you learn and grow through a season of trial and turbulence. It's exactly that- a season. Work through it, learn from it and grow past it (little note to myself).

“Life is more than what it looks like, but what it feels like. Let's make the way it feels damn good again!❤️.” she ended.

After showing how vulnerable she is, fans and friends took to the comments to offer the queen some kind words.

Miss South Africa 2015 Liesl Laurie-Mthombeni wrote, “Sending you lots of love ❤.”

@sallydem said: “Your bravery and vulnerability with regards to your mental health experiences, in this moment, honourable but also healing for others - it inspires to use one’s voice. Please do keep taking care of you first 🌸.”

Mrs Florida American 2020, Katrina Spagnoletti shared: “You are beautiful, but you are human first. As a former queen we think that the world wants perfection, but they really want to relate to you.

“It's okay to show your hard days because we need that sometimes. Thank you for sharing beautiful.