Expert guide on which beers to drink this summer

Not all beers hit the mark when temperatures start to rise. Picture: Pexels Elevate

Not all beers hit the mark when temperatures start to rise. Picture: Pexels Elevate

Published Feb 1, 2024


The number one requirement when it comes to picking a great summer beer is simple – “quench my thirst”.

As easy as that sounds, not all beers hit the mark when temperatures start to rise. To pin down which beer you should be drinking this summer, below marketing and social media manager at Mothercity Liquor, Tiana Pena, shares her favourites.

Pena notes that pairing the right beer with the occasion can elevate the social experience.

Family braai: Crafting conversations with crafty IPAs

Drunken Sailor IPA. Picture: Supplied

Craft beers can spark lively discussions. For those cherished family braais, try delving into the world of IPAs. The renowned Drunken Sailor IPA, acclaimed as the world’s best IPA, could serve as the centrepiece as it is an ideal conversation starter.

Sundowners: Elevate the moment with imported elegance

Birra Moretti. Picture: Supplied

Sundowners are special and the beer should match that vibe. Look no further than rare and imported beers. The Birra Moretti, an exquisite import, promises to enhance the magic of these summer moments.

Post-hike: Embrace refreshment with crisp German lagers

Post-hike thirst needs a crisp solution to reward the activity. German beers emerge as the go-to choice for their refreshing, invigorating quality.

There is an assortment of beers that have been perfected for unwinding after a day on the trails and South Africans are quickly taking up the opportunity to try the range of German beers available locally.

After golf: Light, refreshing pleasures for the greens

Super Bock. Picture: Supplied

Golf and beer go hand in hand. Super Bock, with its sessionable 200ml size, is a perfect fit for post-golf relaxation. Its light and refreshing nature ensures the fun continues beyond the last hole.

Bonding with Dad: Stout conversations

Black Forest Cake Pastry Stout. Picture: Supplied

Stouts create a unique bond. From the classic Guinness variants to local craft brewery specialities like Choc Shakes and Unicorns, Black Forest Cake Pastry Stout, and Silverback Stout, these robust brews promise memorable moments and hearty conversations.

Bonding with Mom: Fruity elegance for cherished moments

Liefmans Fruitesse. Picture: Supplied

Moments with mom deserve something special, so consider fruity beers like Liefmans Fruitesse or König Pilsener Radler Grapefruit, and Bitburger Radler from the Belgian and German beer brewers to create a delightful atmosphere.

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