‘Feastify’ is a free new cookbook about enjoying a meal with family and friends

Shakshuka. Picture: Supplied

Shakshuka. Picture: Supplied

Published Apr 9, 2024


Life is hectic and it is often hard to find the time to sit down with one another to enjoy a proper meal.

Grabbing a supermarket sandwich to gulp down at your desk or eating dinner in the comfort of your couch might be quick and easy but it also means you miss out on the energy-giving benefits of enjoying a meal with friends and family.

Researchers from the University of Oxford discovered that shared meal times make us feel connected and promote bonding.

They found that a shared meal is one of the best ways to boost endorphins and that when a meal is centred around our favourite foods, wine, and laughter, it sends a triple punch of feel-good responses as our happiness hormones are triggered and our stress levels drop.

People who eat often with others feel more connected and at ease in their relationships. The study discovered that those who eat socially find it easier to trust others and engage in their community.

That said, long weekends and school holidays are the perfect time to slow down and spend quality time with the people who matter and, to help you do that, B-well has recently launched a free cookbook that celebrates the joy of feasting with friends and family.

The new cookbook called “Feastify” is all about bringing people together to enjoy delicious food and is packed with recipes designed to feed a family.

A seasonal fruit crumble dish. Picture: Supplied

Brand manager Lunique Theunissen said: “We are so excited to launch this cookbook. Our driving focus is to provide South African consumers with ingredients for better living.

“And really, there is no greater ingredient for a good life than spending time laughing and connecting with friends and family while enjoying heaping platters of delicious food.”

“After the success of our ‘Taste Explorers’ cookbook, which gave busy parents fun and nutritious recipes for back-to-school lunch boxes and dinners, we cannot wait to inspire our customers in new, tasty ways,” added Theunissen.

The cookbook is divided into sections that include mains to share, with recipes like Moroccan-spiced spatchcock chicken and roast lamb with chimichurri, and one-pot wonders such as slow-cooked beef ribs.

There are also elegant sides like slow-roasted carrots with tahini dressing and smoky cauliflower on hummus, as well as decadent baked puddings like seasonal fruit crumble and sticky date pudding.

A shakshuka. Picture: Supplied

Those who have family staying over long weekends will love the cookbook’s selection of make-ahead breakfasts, including recipes for salted caramel bread and French toast casserole.

Last but certainly not least, the cookbook also has plenty of vegan recipes such as creamy tomato risotto and lentil chilli con carne.

“Feastify” is available exclusively through www.bwellfoods.co.za.

Another free digital cookbook to check out is the recently launched “Ocean Cookbook 2024: The Whitefish Collection” by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC).

The cookbook brings together renowned chefs from all over the world to create a collection of delicious, everyday recipes that tell a sustainability story about the seafood we all love.

According to MSC, the cookbook highlights how easy it is to rustle up healthy, affordable, easy-to-make, and sustainable seafood dishes at home and is curated by much-adored and family-orientated chef Naledi Toona.

It showcases 12 family-friendly Whitefish recipes.

Included in the choice of recipes is Toona’s creamy coconut hake with grilled seasonal vegetables, and all recipes include a “chef’s tip” with her recommendations on how to localise it, substitute it with seasonal ingredients, and serving suggestions.