Nando’s wasn’t chicken to challenge Teko Modise following a viral video of a chicken’s best football tricks

Teko Modise. Picture: IOL Archives

Teko Modise. Picture: IOL Archives

Published Oct 27, 2023


One thing about Nando’s? They are not scared take on anybody!

On the back of recently trending for their controversial approach to the rugby semi-final game between South Africa and England, they are now dragging retired professional footballer Teko Modise.

Like many South Africans, Nando’s threw massive shade at England after they were knocked out of the Rugby World Cup by the Springboks. In a social media message just moments after the Springboks won, they shared the shadiest post.

“We snatched the Cullinan from their crown,” the post read.

The restaurant’s referral to the Cullinan diamond is a sore point for many South Africans who believe the precious stones were “stolen” and should be returned.

According to the “Daily Mail”, the Cullinan diamond was 3 106 carats and the size of half a house brick when it was first discovered – so implausibly huge that a South African mineworker threw it out of the window, thinking it was rubbish.

While X users were still entertained by that, they took a shot at Modise, and this comes after a chicken’s best football tricks went viral after being posted on X by @JephatNnadi.

In the edited video, a chicken is seen showing off some football tricks using an egg.

In a quote tweet, the restaurant company responded saying, “Bathong Teko Mokoko (in love face emoji)”,which was quite clear that they were referring to Modise.

One user who broke out in laughter asked: “Why Teko out of all?”

They responded that it was because of the “The iconic Mohawk”.

X users had a field day under the comment section.

“No you did not (laughing face emoji)”, wrote one user.

“Admin, you deserve a raise”, wrote another user.

A third commented: “Bathong Nandi”.