SA top model demands recognition and respect from colleague

Denetric Malope for Fendi. Picture: Instagram/@denetric_malope.

Denetric Malope for Fendi. Picture: Instagram/@denetric_malope.

Published Jan 31, 2024


The fashion and modelling industry can be brutal. You meet people who help you today and make demands the next day.

X users watched as two South African models, Denetric Malope and Enica Seshoka, took pot-shots at one other.

It all started when Malope posted pictures of himself in Paris following successful shows at Paris Fashion Week.

It looks like Seshoka, who is also an international model, was not pleased with the post and started a rant, saying if it hadn’t been for her, Malope wouldn’t be trending. She then demanded recognition for it.

“Nobody was gonna help Denetric to be an international model if it wasn’t for me. I gave him a platform. Invade Models could help him because of my platform, and they never say thank you. I deserve to be respected.

“I feel like I am not being appreciated enough,” said Seshoka in a post that has since been deleted.

But you know, the internet never forgets, and we were able to grab a screen shot before the post could disappear.

A screenshot of Enica’s post that has been deleted.

Malope then asked for clarity regarding the help he got from Seshoka. Seshoka responded by saying that in 2019 when she was trending, Malope messaged him, and she referred him to her agency so they could recognise him.

Malope responded by posting the conversation they had had at the time. Reading the conversation, you could tell that he was inspired by Seshoka.

However, Seshoka insisted that it was because of her that Malope ended up signing with the agency.

“You guys are very funny giving someone your agency name, the people you are working with and also referring them to them, them signing them and also sending them to Europe is a big deal.

“That deserves a thank you. It’s like showing somebody the way how to do things,” wrote Seshoka.

After all the rant, Malope, once again, wished her well.

“And I wish you more trending days, magazine covers and shows and everything beautiful, my darling. When you win, we all win ❤️ there’s a lot of people, parents and kids that look up to you and wish you the best.

“And believe me, you, I’m part of them. What I will not take is any disrespect, especially not from you,” he wrote.

X users concluded that jealousy was behind Seshoka’s meltdown. They also advised her to not help others if she was going to expect something in return.

“My grandmother taught us to never help people if we expect them to thank us after. Do it because you want to and it’s the right thing. I’m glad for that lesson because what I’ve learnt is that people help and always expect you to be in a continuous state of gratitude,” said @Rootsandanchors.

And in all honestly, there was no need for all the drama because they are all doing well as international models, flying the South African flag high.

If anything, they must embrace one another and know that the table is big enough for everyone.