The top 7 nuts to eat for better health, according to experts

Nuts play a big part in our lives. Pexels/David Disponett

Nuts play a big part in our lives. Pexels/David Disponett

Published Oct 27, 2023


Long ago, our ancestors gathered nuts as a means of survival, and nuts have remained a staple in our diets ever since.

Recently, they have received much attention for their potential health benefits and role in disease prevention. Walking along the grocery aisles, you may notice that a wide array of nuts and nut-based products are available - from drinks to snacks to spreads.

You will find them on appetiser trays, tossed in salads, stir-fried with vegetables, and topped on sundaes. They are baked in our favourite cookies, pies, and pastries. You get the point - nuts play a big part in our lives.

Below, dietitians from “Health Reporter” explore the nutritional benefits of seven nuts, and offer snack tips.

Nuts play a big part in our lives. Picture: Pexels/Ba Tik


Rich in iron, they are the antidote to chilly days, transporting oxygen and combating fatigue. Plus, with their supply of zinc, they are a shield against the common seasonal stressors.


Walnuts stand out for their heart-healthy properties. Loaded with omega-3 fatty acids, these nuts support cardiovascular health. In addition, walnuts have a robust dose of antioxidants that promote a resilient immune system.


Rich in vitamin E, almonds are a true gift to skin health. These nuts also offer a significant supply of magnesium, fostering the strength of muscles and bones, and ensuring you stay active.


High in fibre, these nuts aid digestion, keeping you feeling comfortably satisfied. The presence of antioxidants in pecans contributes to overall health.

Nuts play a big part in our lives. David Disponett/Pexels

Hazel nuts

Beyond their delicious taste, hazelnuts deliver a punch of folate, supporting cell repair and DNA synthesis. They are also a source of healthy fats, providing sustained energy for your adventures.


Rich in protein, these nuts offer an energy boost, keeping you fuelled up. Packed with antioxidants, pistachios contribute to a robust immune system, helping you stay vibrant at any time of the day.

Brazil nuts

Brazil nuts are a selenium powerhouse. Selenium is crucial for thyroid function, ensuring your metabolism remains steady. These nuts also provide healthy fats, supporting brain health as you navigate busy days.

Snacking tips.

  • Mix and match: create your custom nut mix for variety and a broader nutrient intake.
  • Portion control: nuts are nutrient-dense, so a small handful is usually enough.
  • Pair with fruits: combine nuts with seasonal fruits for a balanced and satisfying snack.