Tips from an acne sufferer on how to treat this skin condition

Treating acne requires patience and dedication. Picture: Pexels.

Treating acne requires patience and dedication. Picture: Pexels.

Published Jan 17, 2024


Acne is one of the most devastating skin conditions. It decreases your self-esteem and makes you feel ugly and anti-social.

Most people with acne have tried multiple products which didn’t work. Some give up because it’s discouraging to spend money on products hoping to get clear skin, only for it to become worse.

Beauty and skincare enthusiast Abby Rosemaureen is one of many people suffering from severe acne.

Rosemaureen has always been open about her skin condition and after trying many products, she finally found the solution.

Seeing how amazing her skin has become, many people started asking her about tips and tricks and she was happy to assist.

She shared the following cleansing tips for people with acne-prone skin.

  • Have a cleansing routine that works for you, and if that means washing your face with water in the morning, then so be it.
  • Don’t waste your money on super-expensive
  • Use cleansing wipes only on the go.
  • Choose the right cleanser for your skin type.

To treat dark spots Rosemaureen suggests using products with active ingredients to help prevent pigmentation marks from forming and fade existing dark spots.

  • Hydroquinone – a gold standard ingredient to prevent
  • Vitamin A – a potent antioxidant and cellular generator that promotes even skin tone by interrupting melanin triggers and speeding cell turnover.
  • Vitamin C – provides both melanin inhibition and exfoliation.

And if you’re suffering from hormonal acne, you can try products with the following active ingredients:

  • Benzoyl peroxide – it kills bacteria that causes acne.
  • Retinoids (adapalene) – unclog pores and reduce oiliness.
  • Sulphur – this has anti-fungal and antibacterial properties which help to reduce acne.

Remember, sunscreen is an important product to use whether you have acne or not. Apply sunscreen every two to three hours daily.