Tips on how to become a trendy fashionista

Always look your best when stepping out. Picture: Pexels.

Always look your best when stepping out. Picture: Pexels.

Published Jan 10, 2024


In the new year, most people will make many changes, including revamping their wardrobes.

We all know that wardrobe change is not easy, especially if you are not financially stable.

However, instead of changing your wardrobe, you can always keep it updated according to the current season and trends.

So, let's unleash that fashionista in you with these six easy tips:

Give away items

Stop being a hoarder by keeping clothes that you no longer need. Make space for new clothes by giving away old ones because, chances are, there are those few items you haven’t worn in a year, so why are you still keeping them?

Pass them onto someone in need.

Pack according to seasons

It’s a general rule to pack winter clothes at the bottom during summer and vice versa. That way, you can keep your wardrobe intact without making a mess when picking an outfit.

Always pack your clothes according to seasons. Picture: Pexels.

The fewer clothes you have, the better

Having so many clothes means you miss out on wearing them. When you have fewer items of clothing, you always find creative ways to wear them differently.

That way, you also challenge yourself to be the best stylist you can be, because you’re forced to work with the little that you have.

Rent an item

Let’s say you’re attending a red carpet event with a specific theme, instead of spending lots of money on a dress or a suit you’re probably going to wear once, why not rent it instead?

That way, you’ll serve the looks and still save money.


Thrift is buying second-hand clothes at a cheaper price. Picture: Pexels.

Real fashionistas know that thrifting is the best. Not only are you saving money, you also get to wear exclusive clothes as if they were custom-made just for you.


Don’t forget to accessorise. Picture: Pexels.

There are no rules in fashion styling. Even if there are, you can always break them. So when it comes to accessories, don’t by shy, go as far as you can and see how magnificently your outfit changes.

Those sunglasses, earrings and handbags, never leave the house without them.