Tips on how to nurture your friendship in 2024

Make sure you and your friends have fun at least once a month. Picture: Pexels

Make sure you and your friends have fun at least once a month. Picture: Pexels

Published Feb 27, 2024


Friendship is one of the best relationships one could ask for. As with any relationship, it needs to be nurtured.

We get that people are busy and there are many things they are trying to navigate in life, such as career, family and personal relationships. However, you should also make time for your friendships as well.

To become a better friend in 2024, here are some activities you may want to do with your friends.

Best friend brunch

Sometimes nightlife can be overwhelming. So why not go out for brunch with your best friend so that you can catch up, have a few drinks and then be back home right in time for dinner.

Go out for brunch with your friends. Picture: Pexels

Dance therapy

South Africans are known for their dance moves. Even those who can’t dance still move their bodies because the aim is to have fun, and sometimes you need to dance the stress away.

Play those Amapiano songs on full blast and dance until you drop.

Glam squad

Transform your living room into a makeshift salon and indulge in glam time with your squad. Set up a make-up station with mirrors, brushes, and your favourite beauty products.

Use that opportunity to pamper one another by doing home-made facials, painting your nails and foot massages.

You can also incorporate a hair wash day using affordable products like the Shower to Shower shea butter & milk extract shampoo and conditioner.

Pamper yourselves. Picture: Pexels

Movie marathon

Some people are anti-social and don’t like going to the cinema but still want to enjoy a good movie.

If you’re one of them, set up a movie screen for you and your friends to catch up on your favourite films or TV shows while indulging in snacks.