Top tips for gorgeous hair this summer

Always take care of your natural curls. Picture: Supplied.

Always take care of your natural curls. Picture: Supplied.

Published Sep 18, 2023


Summer is all about being out in the sun and enjoying yourself. While we tend to focus more on our fashion looks in summer, let’s not forget our hair to make sure we look the part together.

Reneé Potgieter, hair health activist and colour alchemist, is trying to change how beauty is perceived. With over 25 years of experience, Potgieter knows all the tips and tricks to bring out your natural hair’s beauty.

Embrace no-heat styling

No-heat styling is specifically the absence of artificial direct heat on the hair. For anybody who wants to restore health, vitality, and strength to their hair, it is a must.

The no-heat method works because your hair consists of hydrogen bonds, and artificial heat manipulates the hair, thereby controlling its shape.

Constantly manipulating hair texture, like making your curls straight with frequent blow-drying and straightening, means that these bonds will eventually “forget” their natural form and essentially, your hair goes into crisis, turning into a mess.

The only way to prevent this is to work with your hair structure, instead of against it. Enhancement and nourishment, in place of relentless manipulation, will bring out the best in your hair structure.

Use natural styling products

Instead of using heavy ingredients on your hair that may do more harm than good, opt for natural ingredients such as salt sprays. Always read the ingredients to ensure they are of high quality and truly cleaner.

Potgieter says that some of the worst build-ups on hair she has seen have come from traditional cosmetic companies that have ventured into hair products.

To avoid this, ensure your products are free from parabens, alcohol, and other chemicals you can’t pronounce.

Reduce and naturalise your colour

Colouring your hair exposes it to harsh pigments and chemicals, no matter how gentle the product is. The more chemical exposure to the entire length of your hair shaft, the more compromised the entire cuticle layer will become and the worse the state of your hair will be.

If you want your hair to pop with colour, it’s best to try blending techniques such as balayage – a technique for highlighting hair, creating a graduated effect for asymmetrical, natural-looking results.

The regrowth from this technique is far less stark and will allow you to extend the period between your colouring sessions.

Feed your hair

Your hair needs all the nutrients it can get to remain healthy. Use top-grade pure oils such as jojoba for moisture and almonds for a strengthening protein boost.

These natural oils are so pure they become solid when you put them in the fridge, which is a good indicator of quality.

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