WATCH: North West is a hit as she follows in her family’s footsteps as a beauty influencer

Kim Kardashian West with her eldest daughter North. Picture: Instagram

Kim Kardashian West with her eldest daughter North. Picture: Instagram

Published Jan 29, 2024


Most celebrity kids follow in their parents footsteps.

North West, the daughter of famous reality TV star Kim Kardashian and multi-award-winning musician Kanye West, is unleashing the beauty influencer within.

North has inherited the talents of both her parents. By now, we all know that she’s a fashionista like her father and now she is a beauty influencer like her mother.

In a video that has been circulating on social media, North is trying out some products from her mother’s beauty brand, SKKN by Kim.

She tried a black eyeshadow, brown lip liner and a nude lipstick; and although the eyeshadow application was not perfect, she was impressed with her work.

She’s still a child, after all.

“I love that she’s allowed to be herself and act her age. I’m not the target audience and I love that for her too. The teens and tweens need content like this, not ice spice. Oh my God, how old am I?” commented @kissyfvce.

Many people who commented on the video are stunned by her lip-lining skills.

“North showing me that I haven’t been lining my lips correctly was not on my bingo card,” commented @ArielEsq305.

Others were sold on buying the products, all thanks to North.

“Well, I’m adding the lip liner to the cart! One application for this?? It’s so rich and creamy oil!!! I’m getting it! Thanks, North,” said @unusuaIHQ.

In 2023, North had several videos of herself in her father’s vintage clothes.