What is rat snacking? The bizarre food craze where people snack like rats

Rat-snacking has captured everyone's attention. Picture: Pexels/Streetwindy

Rat-snacking has captured everyone's attention. Picture: Pexels/Streetwindy

Published Feb 20, 2024


While 2023 might have been the year of “girl dinner”, it is time to make way for a new, divisive food trend known as “rat snacking”, which has captured everyone's attention.

What is rat snacking?

This trend involves eating like rats - indulging in snacks between meals and experimenting with unconventional food pairings.

Food enthusiasts embracing this trend are transforming leftovers into delightful bites and saving money on the side.

Rat-snacking maestros have been sharing their creations under the #ratsnack hashtag on TikTok, which has amassed millions of views.

One TikToker, known as @eatkyoot, shared their admittedly “strange” rat snack of plain crisps and chocolate.

While user Abbey Sharp (@abbeyskitchen) made what she admitted was one of the “most unhinged snacks” she had ever had by combining Kraft singles (slices of processed cheese) with microwaved apple, cinnamon and sugar.

@abbeyskitchen When your InstaCart shopper throws in an unexpected pack of processed cheese, you turn it into a budget friendly “rat snack” with whatever else you have in the fridge. 🧀 😮😮😮😮😮😮 #ratsnack #unhinged #snackideas #budgetfriendly #budgetmeals #budgetsnack #frugal #applepie #cheesetoast ♬ Beat Automotivo Tan Tan Tan Viral - WZ Beat

Other slightly cursed food combinations on the app include chilli sauce, cheese and cauliflower, and some people topped crackers with chocolate and even a mixture of hummus and chocolate.

British supermarket company, Waitrose, has also highlighted this trend in its annual food and drink report.

In the report, this trend is described as "the unashamed joy of enjoying unusual snack combinations (that only you appreciate!), often created from raiding the kitchen cupboards“.

Basically, the concept is about enjoying food in a fun and non-judgemental way, similar to how rats scrooge together whatever they can find and eat it.

Many people love this trend because it is super convenient. You can simply fish about through your kitchen cupboards, grab some random snacks, and create a quick treat.

However, as fun as it sounds, it might not always be the healthiest choice, according to health experts, as raiding your cabinets for snacks does not guarantee you will end up with something nutritious.

Experts reveal that munching on sugary snacks too often can be risky for your health and may lead to unhealthy weight gain, so, the next time you feel the urge to rat snack, maybe consider a balance of tasty and healthy treats to keep your snack game on point.

It is also advised that one also focuses on portion control as it is not just about what you eat but how you eat it.

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