10 safe and budget-friendly European destinations for a family trip

A family enjoying some time at the beach. Picture: Pexels

A family enjoying some time at the beach. Picture: Pexels

Published Apr 17, 2024


Taking a family holiday in your home country can be pricey but imagine the cost of a family trip to Europe. From currency exchanges to visa costs, it could end up becoming expensive.

Thankfully, there are affordable European destinations to explore as a family.

Deluxe Holiday Homes conducted a study to identify the most affordable destinations for safe family travel. The study looked at the 10 most searched travel destinations in Europe including data from Google Flights.

The study also calculated safety rate, family room numbers on booking.com, average cost of a family room and eating out as a family of four at each destination.

The top 10 most affordable European destinations for family travel:

1. Romania

Romania tops the list, with a composite score of 74.7. This destination is attractive for families, thanks to the lowest cost of family rooms, at $135, and dining out, at $35.

2. Czech Republic

The Czech Republic notched a score of 68.8, placing it in second place. Its safety rate is higher than Romania’s, while the accommodation and eating out costs are slightly more than Romania’s.

3. Croatia

The third most affordable destination for safe family holiday is Croatia, with a score of 67.7. Croatia also has affordable costs for accommodation and eating out.

4. Finland

Finland is rank third, with a composite score of 64.9. Finland provides high safety across the country and is a great choice for families who enjoy a Nordic experience.

5. Portugal

The most searched country on the list, Portugal, is fifth. Portugal offers more affordable options for staying and eating out than Finland and Croatia, although the safety rate is slightly lower.

6. Netherlands

Netherlands ranks sixth, with a composite score of 63.7. The Netherlands is appealing for the safety it provides, and is the third most searched country for a holiday, even though it has the highest family room rates on the list at $300 (R5 700).

7. Spain

Spain takes seventh spot, with a 63.3 score. Spain offers great family accommodation (It scored 9.6 on this measurement – the highest on the list), combined with accessible prices.

8. Germany

Germany, scoring 61.6, is the eighth most affordable destination for a safe family holiday. Its appeal is based on the blend of safety, high availability of family accommodation, with lesser costs for accommodation and eating out.

9. Malta

Coming ninth on the list is Malta, with a score of 57.5. Even with the least amount of family accommodation options on the list, Malta’s rich history and Mediterranean charm appeal to families.

10. Belgium

Belgium rounds off the list, offering an affordable and safe destination, even though the link ranked it as having the lowest safety rate and highest cost of eating out.

Commenting on the research, a spokesperson from Deluxe Holiday Homes said that with the rise in crime and conflict globally, safety was a priority for families planning their travels, right alongside budget plans.

“We're noticing more families asking about the safety of their accommodation choices, even in countries traditionally viewed as safe. This shift is leading to a higher demand for destinations known for their stability and low crime rates,” said the spokesperson.