5 tips to help you increase your chances of getting a visa

Having a travel management company simplifies the visa application process for a business or leisure traveller. Picture: Unsplash

Having a travel management company simplifies the visa application process for a business or leisure traveller. Picture: Unsplash

Published Sep 28, 2023


Having a travel management company (TMC) whether you’re a business or leisure traveller is important if you’re considering international travel.

According to Rategang Moroke, operations manager at Corporate Traveller, for corporate travellers, your company’s support is key to cracking the visa code, which is why having a travel management company (TMC) is invaluable for businesses with international travel needs.

“Your travel manager ensures your flights, accommodation, and travel plans are on track, while our visa partners make sure your visa process goes smoothly, from scheduling appointments to dealing with embassy requirements.

“Working together, we take care of your travel, so you can focus on your work goals and have a stress-free trip,” she said.

If you want to up your chances of getting a visa, here are 5 tips to consider from Moroke.

Check your passport

According to the operations manager, before diving into your international plans, check your passport’s expiration date.

“Numerous countries require a validity of at least six months after your return. Your travel manager will always track these details from your profile, while Corporate Traveller’s tech automatically notifies you about expiring visas,” said Moroke.

Chat with travel experts ASAP

Moroke advised that you contact your travel manager as soon as you have a sense you may need to travel.

“They’ll help you determine what kind of visa you need based on your destination and nationality. Your travel manager can also hook you up with visa pros who know the ropes,” she said.

Sort out travel insurance

Moroke said that when applying for a visa, you must show that you have travel insurance. “Your travel manager can suggest insurance companies with the right coverage for your work trip,” she said.

Keep up with rule changes

The operations manager highlighted that when it comes to visa processes, rules can flip overnight.

“Your travel manager will keep you posted about any changes that might mess with your plans, so you don’t have to worry about it constantly,” said Moroke.

Stay flexible with bookings

And finally, Moroke said that your travel manager can book flights and accommodation options that are less restrictive and more flexible, allowing you to make changes and cancellations as needed.

“Having a TMC like Corporate Traveller can really make a difference to the success of your visa application. Our tech analyses your profile, so you can always ensure your passport and visas are valid.

“Your dedicated travel manager will also make sure your bookings are refundable if, for some reason, you can’t travel, which can be a big cost saving in these times of visa volatility.

“And because we partner with visa specialists, you get the guidance you need to reduce your chances of being rejected,” said Moroke.

When it comes to the bottom line? Moroke said prep your paperwork, polish your confidence and crucially take the advice of your visa application partner and TMC.