7 types of all-inclusive holidays for money-savvy travellers

A lodge that offers all-inclusive packages on the Chobe River in Botswana. Picture: Supplied

A lodge that offers all-inclusive packages on the Chobe River in Botswana. Picture: Supplied

Published May 7, 2024


ALL-INCLUSIVE holidays are currently all the rage in the tourism world.

A study conducted by Wyndham Hotels & Resorts found that 77% of travellers find booking an all-inclusive trip to be the least stressful way to explore a new destination.

Flight Centre South Africa general manager Antoinette Turner shared similar sentiments as she highlighted that all-inclusive packages offer a range of benefits.

“All-inclusive holidays are the epitome of stress-free travel, offering the joy of exploring new destinations with the ease of having everything pre-arranged,” she said.

“Don’t miss the opportunity to indulge in one of these top all-inclusive holidays tailored for every budget and preference.”

And as summer in the northern hemisphere approaches, Turner believes that now is the time to book a holiday for trips to the US, Europe and other countries in this region.

“International flight availability becomes a rare commodity as the holiday season peaks and for those eyeing destinations requiring visa applications, time is of the essence,” said Turner.

Here are some all-inclusive holidays to consider:

Cruise the Mediterranean

Turner believes that the ever-popular Mediterranean cruises is your ticket to visiting multiple countries.

This includes the sun-kissed beaches of the Greek Isles and the historic streets of Rome, all while enjoying the comfort and luxury of a floating hotel.

She said the cruise is perfect for couples, families, solo travellers and history enthusiasts and that all-inclusive packages often includes meals, pre-paid drinks packages, on-board entertainment as well as activities like trivia nights, cooking classes, dance workshops and wine tastings.

Ski the Alps

A ski holiday in the Alps offers a winter wonderland experience.

“Whether you’re an experienced skier or first-timer, the Alps cater to all, the travel expert said.

She added that many resorts offer ski lessons for all ages and skill levels.

A person enjoys skiing down the Alps. Picture: Supplied

Beach bliss in the Indian Ocean

Flight Centre South Africa’s “Year In Travel” report for 2023 found that Mauritius was the leading international destination for South African travellers.

And with the island expected to remain a favourite for locals this year, Turner believes that its luxurious beach resorts, tropical landscapes and top-tier hospitality, are some of the reasons for its popularity.

She added that this holiday is ideal for honeymooners, wellness seekers and families.

Adventure in Southeast Asia

Countries like Thailand and Vietnam in Southeast Asia are renowned for their cultural heritage, lush landscapes and bustling city life.

The added bonus is that they are regarded as an affordable travel destination as the exchange rate between the South African rand and currencies like the Thai Baht, Chinese Yuan and Vietnamese Dong are extremely favourable.

Turner believes that these locations are ideal for adventure enthusiasts, culture seekers as well as eco-tourists as the region’s natural wonders are its hallmarks.

“Off-the-beaten-path experiences in Thailand and Vietnam allow travellers to explore hidden gems away from the usual tourist trails, offering genuine insight into the local way of life,” she said.

Safari escape

The travel expert said that there is no need to travel too far if you’re after peace and quiet in the bush.

“If you do wish for something a little different, consider venturing beyond our borders, especially if you’d like a combo bush holiday, such as a safari and an encounter with Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe or adventures on the dunes in Namibia.”

She believes that this type of all-inclusive holiday is ideal for couples, families, adventure seekers and nature lovers who will get the chance to get up-close to wildlife and the beautiful natural landscapes that serve as their backdrops.

A couple enjoys exploring a Greek island. Picture: Supplied

Culture tour of ancient civilisations

Flight Centre predicts that Turkey and Greece will be leading touring destinations in 2024.

“Tours in these regions showcase ancient ruins, vibrant bazaars, breathtaking coastlines and they include a deep dive into local history and culture," said Turner.

She added that a trip to these destinations are ideal for history buffs, island hoppers and culture enthusiasts.

European river cruises

European river cruises offer an intimate and luxurious journey through the heart of that continent as it meanders along iconic rivers like the Danube, Rhine and Seine rivers.

The travel expert explained that these cruises provide an unparalleled view of Europe’s picturesque landscapes, historic cities and cultural treasures, all from the comfort of a state-of-the-art river cruise ship.

Those looking to travel in luxury as well as to explore culture and history offerings will particularly enjoy this kind of trip.