Align your body, mind and soul at these yoga retreats

The Waterfall Retreat, KZN. Picture: INSTAGRAM

The Waterfall Retreat, KZN. Picture: INSTAGRAM

Published Aug 11, 2023


Ladies, let's be real – our confidence can take a hit from all angles. Whether we're in "mom mode" and the glam feels like a distant memory or we're having a cosy affair with our beds, it's time to shake things up.

But it's not just about the physical moves, it's a blend of mind, body and spirit. Your mental chatter takes a chill pill, stress takes a hike and that elusive sense of empowerment takes centre stage.

Here are some places to blow off some steam and enter your zen mode.

Dharmagiri Sacred Mountain Retreat, Tulbagh

Picture: INSTAGRAM/Dharmagiri Sacred Mountain Retreat Centre

Perched at the foot of the Witzenberg Mountains, the Sacred Mountain Retreat is a hidden gem that exudes an air of spirituality and serenity.

Women seeking a deeper connection with themselves will find solace in the retreat's yoga and meditation sessions led by experienced instructors.

Dharmagiri, a Buddhist-inspired retreat centre, is a unique haven that provide women with an opportunity to venture on a journey of self-discovery and growth.

Dharmagiri facilitates a transformative journey towards awakening, ushering individuals from the realm of a dualistic mind into the depths of a more profound heart-centred awareness. This transition allows for a realisation of the interconnectedness present in all facets of existence.

This process is meticulously nurtured through experiences in nature, contemplative meditation, group dynamics, authentic communication, and adept guidance.

These components collectively serve to re-establish a harmonious connection with one's genuine self, consequently enabling a thoughtful and effective engagement with the external world.

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Temenos Retreat, McGregor

Temenos Retreat, Picture: INSTAGRAM

Tucked away in the picturesque village of McGregor, the Temenos Retreat is a spiritual oasis where women can escape the noise of everyday life and delve into their inner world.

During your stay, guests have the opportunity to partake in gentle early morning walks, invigorating yoga classes, or relaxing massages, all of which can be arranged for their convenience.

Furthermore, the establishment offers an extensive selection of body and healing therapies, which guests can choose to book either upon arrival or in advance of their visit.

Within the premises' serene gardens, a comprehensive library of health and healing books awaits guests, providing them with a variety of reading materials. Whether opting to enjoy these literary treasures by the warmth of a log fire in their cottage during chilly seasons or while unwinding by the lap pool during summer.

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Living Yoga, Johannesburg

Living Yoga studio. Picture: INSTAGRAM/Living Yoga

In the heart of the bustling city of Johannesburg, a haven of mindfulness and well-being beckons those seeking to embrace the transformative power of yoga.

Living Yoga in Randburg highlights the essence of a holistic journey, inviting individuals to weave the principles of yoga into their everyday lives and find solace amid the urban rhythm.

The studio prides itself on building a close-knit community where students from all walks of life come together to share experiences, insights, and support.

The bonds forged on the mat extend beyond the studio walls, creating friendships and connections that nurture growth and transformation.

Additionally, the studio also hosts a kaleidoscope of workshops, Satsungs (spiritual gatherings), charity events, meditation sessions, and sutra lectures.

Living Yoga has blossomed into a dynamic community and a sanctuary for seekers of wellness, self-discovery, and a deeper connection to the art of yoga.

The Waterfall Retreat, KZN

The Waterfall Retreat Centre, Picture: INSTAGRAM

Escape to the Waterfall Retreat Centre, nestled across 28 acres atop the scenic Nkutu Valley in Kloof, KwaZulu Natal. The haven offers a refreshing day retreat venue surrounded by tropical beauty.

Here people from all walks of life can come together in harmony. Nestled in a lush, preserved environment, the centre welcomes everyone with open arms, regardless of culture, nationality, or faith.

Get ready to unwind and recharge with with gentle and soothing mindfulness-based retreats. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned practitioner, their courses and visiting teachers offer something special for everyone.

Activities revolve around the practice of mindful awareness. Whether you're a seasoned practitioner or a newcomer, they offer gentle day retreats and Mindfulness Association study opportunities which are open to all.

The common goal: developing their own mindfulness practice.


Guru Cat, Durban

Guru cat studio. Picture: INSTAGRAM

Drawing inspiration from her experiences in India, Kim channelled her boundless energy into a dedicated pursuit of deepening her yoga practice and knowledge.

The spark of an idea ignited during a Bikram Yoga class when Sally Flanagan suggested to Kim the notion of opening a Hot Yoga Studio in vibrant Durban. Initially taken aback by the prospect, this seed of thought gradually took root, blossoming into a cherished dream that soon morphed into a tangible and promising venture.

Discover the Dynamic Offerings at Guru Cat Yoga:

Akhanda: Experience the essence of classic Hatha postures and pranayama in Akhanda. This invigorating session is short, sharp, and intense, leaving you rejuvenated and energised.

GuruHot 90: Dive into the Bikram-inspired world with a 90-minute session of GuruHot 90. Challenge your limits and enhance your practice in this dynamic and transformative class.

GuruHot 60: For those on the go, GuruHot 60 offers a Bikram-inspired express session that's 60 minutes of pure power. Get your dose of heat, movement, and vitality in this efficient class.

Hatha yoga with a HotHatha session combines Surya Namascara with classic Hatha postures in a warm and welcoming environment. Restorative and Meditation are key elements.

Take note: All GuruCat yoga styles are done in our heated room at 40°C with humidity at least 40%. The fresh air regulating system ensures that there is plenty of fresh air pumped into the room

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