ProFlight Zambia introduces direct flights between Cape Town and Lusaka

A ProFlight aircraft taxis on the apron of a runway.

A ProFlight aircraft taxis on the apron of a runway.

Published Jul 10, 2023


This introduction of direct air services is expected to have a positive impact on the number of individuals travelling between Zambia and South Africa.

Notably, the two destinations witnessed a remarkable 38% growth in travel between them during the years 2021 and 2022.

Additionally, South Africa's exports to Zambia experienced a significant rise of R1.6 billion during the same period, establishing Zambia as one of South Africa's principal trade partners in the Southern African region.

Mireille Wenger, Western Cape MEC for Finance and Economic Opportunities, said: “As the government of Cape Town, we are pleased to welcome these air services flown by ProFlight Zambia.

“This new air service will undoubtedly play a role in strengthening the business links between the two destinations, especially considering that there are already many companies operating in both Zambia and South Africa.

“The improved air connectivity will make it easier for businesses to travel between the two countries, facilitating even greater trade and investment.’’

The new route will also provide a much-needed boost to the tourism industry, with Zambia and South Africa both being popular tourist destinations.

Zambia is known for its wildlife, natural beauty, and adventure activities, while Cape Town is famous for its beaches, arts and entertainment.

The mayor of Cape Town, Geordin Hill-Lewis, expressed his excitement over ProFlight’s launch. The reintroduction of ProFlight to Cape Town brings great delight to the tourism industry as it gradually recovers.

This development in air services not only facilitates a higher level of leisure and business travel to Cape Town but also aligns with a broader strategy to enhance competitiveness through growing intra-Africa travel.

The addition of this air connectivity strengthens the city's position and enables it to better serve travellers, offering them greater opportunities to explore and engage with Cape Town's attractions, Hill-Lewis said.

‘’We’re committed to growing our involvement in Cape Town, through which we were able to acquire these new flights, to grow our programme of attracting new air services into the city,” he added.

The launch of this new air service is also expected to create job opportunities in both Zambia and South Africa. As more tourists and business travellers visit the two destinations, there will be increased demand for hospitality and service industry jobs.

Mark Maclean, regional general manager for Cape Town International Airport (CTIA), concluded: “We’re pleased to introduce direct flights from Lusaka to Cape Town, (as) it supports our collective efforts to restore air connectivity into the city.

“The air service is a positive development for both Zambia and South Africa, with the potential to boost trade, tourism, and business links between the two destinations.’’