TikTokers’ react to American content creator saying he is blessed and Africans live in ‘woods and trees’

A panoramic view of Cape Town also known as The Mother City in South Africa. Picture: Unsplash

A panoramic view of Cape Town also known as The Mother City in South Africa. Picture: Unsplash

Published Sep 22, 2023


A free lesson on the continent. That’s what American YouTube content creator Anthony O’Neal received after he made misinformed comments on Africa.

A video of the content creator with responses has been trending on TikTok after he said that he will take his child to Africa to teach them how blessed they are.


This from a man that lives in a country that still uses cheques...💀 Tsek! 🤣

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“When I have a child, I want to take them to Africa. You know what I’m saying? I want to take them to the motherland and let them see that hey, we’re blessed over here. You know but look at them. They’re staying in woods and trees.”

TikTok users from Africa, America and around the world wasted no time in responding to O’Neal and in showing O’Neal the side of Africa he hasn’t seen with videos on South African, Tanzanian and Nigerian cities.

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Some TikTokers showed their creative sides and responded to O’Neal with parody and satirical videos.

In Early B Da Manager’s response video to O’Neal, she said: “I wanna know what part of Africa you’re thinking of taking your child that you’re gonna be seeing people swinging on trees and people living in trees?

“Are you taking them to wear the Pygmies are because baby, we have cars, TVs, refrigerators. We outside. We is on the internet now so we can see you’re ignorance on the internet.”

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Another user, American TikTok content creato George Washington III, who currently resides in Johannesburg, responded: “My people all jokes aside, now why would bro even talk like that?

“The fact that he can make some remark like that and we’re in 2023, internet is accessible to everyone...Where’s the fact checker? We need MacG fact checker to holla at old boy.”