Wet weather adventures: Making the most of gloomy days in SA

GrandWest Casino and Entertainment World. Picture: INSTAGRAM

GrandWest Casino and Entertainment World. Picture: INSTAGRAM

Published Sep 21, 2023


The weather has been unpredictable across all provinces, and it can sometimes disrupt your sunny-day plans, especially with the October holidays approaching.

Depending on your destination within the country, as it’s spring, you might encounter a couple of rainy days.

But fear not. To ensure you have a fantastic holiday, even in less-than-ideal weather conditions, here are some tips to make the most of it.

Choose a destination with indoor activities

GrandWest Casino and Entertainment World. Picture: INSTAGRAM

When travelling with children, opt for resorts that offer indoor entertainment like table tennis, pool tables and other games.

First Group Resorts often provide a range of indoor activities, including table tennis, pool tables and various games for children. They also host family quizzes and game evenings.

The Wild Coast Sun in the Eastern Cape has an indoor water park, a casino and an entertainment centre.

GrandWest Casino and Entertainment World in Cape Town promises a bucket load of fun with their indoor activities, making it a versatile destination for visitors seeking entertainment, especially during inclement weather.

From a lively casino and ice skating rink to ten-pin bowling and laser tag, there are options for all ages. Additionally, a cinema complex showcases the latest films, while a variety of dining establishments cater to diverse tastes.

Live shows, children’s activities, shopping and conference facilities round out the offerings, for a wide range of indoor entertainment experiences.

Cooking and baking classes

Enjoy a convenient cooking class with your family in the comfort of your own home for a fun and educational experience. Picture: Unsplash

Many resorts and local culinary schools offer cooking or baking classes. It's a great opportunity to learn a new dish or cooking technique while having fun indoors.

Taste-Buds Cook Club in Johannesburg offers a range of cooking and baking classes, including cake decorating, bread making, and international cuisine. Classes are suitable for beginners and experienced cooks alike.

Silwood School of Cookery in Cape Town hosts professional culinary training. Additionally they conduct short courses and workshops for cooking enthusiasts interested in various cuisines and techniques.

Or simply enjoy a convenient cooking class with your family in the comfort of your own home, which can be a fun and educational experience. Decide on a specific cuisine or type of dish you want to focus on.

Additionally, depending on your family's size and the complexity of the recipes, assign roles to each family member. For instance, one person can be in charge of chopping vegetables, another for making the sauce, and so on.

Art and Craft Projects

When you find yourself stuck indoors at a resort it can help to bring along art supplies or pick up a craft kit locally.

Engage in creative projects like painting, knitting or making jewellery. For example, Montusi Mountain Lodge offers arts and crafts sessions, including pottery and beadwork, as part of their activities for guests.

They also have a dedicated art studio with stunning mountain views.

Tintswalo Atlantic a luxury lodge in Cape Town sometimes offers arts and crafts sessions where guests can create beautiful crafts inspired by the stunning coastal surroundings.

Montusi Mountain Lodge offers arts and crafts sessions, including pottery and beadwork, as part of their activities for guests. Picture: Freepik

Escape rooms

Many cities in South Africa have escape room facilities, which can be an exciting way to spend a rainy day indoors with family or friends.

Hashtag Escape is an exciting escape room adventure game located in Johannesburg. You'll have just one hour to collaborate, unearth hidden secrets, crack challenging puzzles and, ultimately, make your escape.

What sets Hashtag Escape apart is that all rooms and puzzles have been meticulously crafted by a team of skilled South African puzzle masters, ensuring a one-of-a-kind and unforgettable experience for all participants.

Wine Tasting

Visit a local winery for a wine tasting experience. South Africa is known for its excellent wines, and many wineries have indoor tasting rooms.

And to add a little sass, recreate a wine tasting experience at home with your all your wine enthusiast loved ones.

Choose a theme or type of wine you'd like to explore, such as reds, whites, rosés, or wines from a specific region.

Decide on the number of wines you want to taste. Three to five wines are a good start for a home tasting. You can even add food pairings.

Provide light snacks or appetizers that complement the wines, such as cheeses, charcuterie, crackers and fruits.