WATCH: Netizens proud as South African living abroad represents the country in street interview

Johannesburg City Centre with a building painted in the colours of the South African flag. Picture: Unsplash

Johannesburg City Centre with a building painted in the colours of the South African flag. Picture: Unsplash

Published Apr 16, 2024


A South African living abroad has stunned netizens around the world and made South Africans proud after killing it in a street interview with Surgen TV.

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Surgen TV, posted a video on TikTok asking boxer Bianca Pressbury questions about her home country and she aced it, making the country proud.

In the interview, the street mic host asked questions including: the meaning of the abbreviation for South Africa’s ‘leading’ party, what the South African flag represented, and what the rainbow nation stood for.

According to Pressbury, each colour on the South Africa flag ultimately represents freedom and the rainbow nation. She said that the rainbow nation represented all the different races, people and cultures within the country.

“South Africa is very cosmopolitan and multicultural,” said Pressbury.

She also touched on South Africa’s history after being asked why William Nicol drive was renamed Winnie Mandela Drive.

“South Africa has a long history of apartheid so during that time many of our roads were named after apartheid figures, uhm so as a way to kind of correct the past, the government are renaming roads, towns and cities in honour of apartheid struggle activists much like Winnie Mandela,” said Pressbury.

The video of Pressbury has reached over 2.9M views on the app with Mzansi TikTok users praising Pressbury for answering her street interview questions with grace and flair, and representing the nation well.

TikTokker @snekhumalo0 said: “This warms my heart! We are proud of you Zinhle! ❤️.”

Another user, @simmysag, said: “She delivered 🙌🙌🙌🙌 South Africa 🇿🇦.”

@neokunyane said: “Please go to the South African embassy there and tell them you are the new SA ambassador. Thanks.”

Whilst @furidqtfo30 said: “She’s proudly South African and we are proud of her. Imagine if an American was asked what the stars on their flag stands for 😂.”

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Pressbury followed up with a video, thanking Mzansi, for showing her love on the social media platform.