WATCH: South African Tourism’s new commercial showcases SA as the perfect destination, also for solo travel

The Drakensberg Mountain range is a stunning South African heritage site. Picture: Unsplash

The Drakensberg Mountain range is a stunning South African heritage site. Picture: Unsplash

Published Oct 9, 2023


South African Tourism’s new brand campaign reveals the incredible, vast and unparalleled possibilities for travel in the country.

The video depicts captivating stretches of unspoiled coastlines, rugged and remote wonders, lush forests, pristine beaches, thrill-seeking adventures, verdant hills, panoramic mountain views, charming small towns, warm hospitality and a rich cultural heritage.

Conceptualised by Film Director Lamar Bonhomme, two of the commercials have been nominated for best film in the directing category of The Berlin Commercial Awards.

SA Tourism has released four new commercials for radio, print, television and digital distribution throughout the continent and these collectively showcase the limitless possibilities that deliver on the promise that there’s always ‘so much more’ to see throughout South Africa.

Solo travel is also a focus in these commercials and Bonhomme describes the experience of creating the ambitious commercials as “making art for the love of South Africa”.

“When I received the brief for the SA Tourism campaign three words stood out to me. Disruptive. Visual. Creative…I laid my soul bare in a treatment that proposed a daring direction for a campaign spanning all nine (9) provinces and months of shooting that was deeply rooted in the authentic human experience,” he said.

Connecting countries across the continent, a Nigerian visual artist and photojournalist, Yagazie Emezi, features in, “a documentary styled photo journal of her journeying across South Africa to celebrate everyday queens in the breathtaking landscape they call home”.

Yagazie is seen exploring and finding creativity travelling through KZN, Eastern Cape and Gauteng in this SA Tourism commercial.

The 10-month-long production showcases the country’s lesser-known leisure offerings whilst showcasing solo travel and unforgettable adventure activities, like jumping from Africa’s highest commercial bungee to hot-air ballooning at the Golden Gate escarpment.

According to creative Director Treyvone Moosa, this brand campaign is an incredible showcase of the iconic destinations, natural vistas and hidden gems that make the country a tourist’s paradise for all types of travellers – whether seeking solo travel, inspirational escapes or outdoor adventures.

“The journey of this production – experiencing our people, our place and our ways, first hand – has honestly shown me that there's so much more to South Africa than even we think we know,” said Moosa.

Also commenting on the commercial, Regional General Manager for Africa, Evelyn Mahlaba said, South Africa's tourism industry is committed to providing unforgettable experiences for tourists and ensuring their comfort and satisfaction.

“Our Brand Campaign is designed to showcase the very best that our country has to offer, weaving together the rich tapestry of South Africa's unique offerings and showcasing the warmth of our diverse cultures, the beauty of our landscapes, and the hospitality of our people.

“With this campaign, we invite our continent to discover, explore, and experience the magic of our country,” said Mahlaba.