PEAK TIME: The Mother City opens her arms to the world in summer and offers non-stop fun and entertainment. Photo: Matthew Jordaan

Bianca Coleman

CONGRATULATIONS! You are now officially on holiday in one of the best and most beautiful cities in the world.

Cape Town is consistently top of the pops when it comes to tourist destinations. Some of us are even lucky enough to live here, so if you’re not vacationing over the next few weeks hopefully EsCape Times will be able to ferret out new and interesting things for you to do.

While our Mother City boasts several major attractions for visitors, we’ll also be test-driving a wide range of new activities and looking at some old favourites with fresh eyes.

Our most famous landmark, Table Mountain, was officially inaugurated one of the New 7 Wonders Of Nature last week. As the only “wonder” in a city it is the most accessible of the seven, and it can be seen from almost anywhere. Which is why we don’t really need a GPS.

Even before it was named, getting to the top of the mountain by cablecar for a spectacular view of the Peninsula was not the easiest of endeavours. On a perfect day, there are always long queues and there is only so much parking. Save yourself the stress and take the hop-on hop-off City Sightseeing topless bus.

Not only is it one of EsCape Times’s best recommendations, because it encapsulates all the must-see places in two trips, but the city tour takes you to the lower cable station.

The midday heat can also be a bit much so a good option is to take advantage of the Sunset Special which runs daily, weather permitting, from 6pm until December 21, and again from January 7 to February 28. The half-price return is R102.50 for adults and R50 for children, and available only from the ticket office, not online. Take a picnic and watch a sunset you will never forget.

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