All that glitz and glam on ‘The Mommy Club’ is a façade to distract from the reality show’s dullness

The cast of The Mommy Club. Picture: Supplied

The cast of The Mommy Club. Picture: Supplied

Published Jul 2, 2023


After so much hype around, “The Mommy Club”, my expectations were elevated.

Of course, I should have known better with a title like that. Yes, I rolled my eyes a few times, wondering why I even bothered watching.

And then I realised it was because I wanted to see what kind of heat Mpumi “Mrs Mops” Mophatlane, a former cast member of season 2 of, “The Real Housewives of Johannesburg”, was bringing.

But if the first episode was anything to go by, I would do well to expect Eskom to deliver on that front.

At best, it was an okay-ish offering.

There was Mrs Mops, whom everyone knows, especially for the scandalous tales about her marriage. Well, guys, everything seems to be fine on the home front.

The businesswoman is aligning herself with like-minded powerhouse allies that she can relate to and vice versa. The biggest criterion, aside from having social media clout, is being able to bond over being moms.

The cast of The Mommy Club. Picture: Supplied

The other cast members include boss bitch author and businesswoman, Happy 'HerMajesty' Simelane, new mom, event planner and florist, Nunurai Mudarikwa, social media influencer, Tshego “Ms Manche” Adewale and beauty pageant owner, Ratile Mabitsela.

While the ladies bond, there are unmistakable undertones of pretentiousness. And this was never more evident than at Nunurai’s one-year-old’s birthday party.

She was judged for her casual look while the other ladies turned up. And there was a fair amount of them turning their noses up at how the event was handled, the lack of discipline with some of the kids and other petty gripes.

I say petty because that is exactly what it was.

Of course, I suppose when you have money, you can afford to be a snob. Or is it mandatory to be so…

Other issues that were raised earlier on in the episode were the whole Tammy Taylor saga, which HerMajesty also experienced.

But not everyone was ready to talk about being swindled on the deal.

Moving on, HerMajesty’s first introduction, especially to Mrs Mops, didn’t go down well. Especially when she chose to throw up in front of them instead of excusing herself and doing it privately in the restroom.

There is potential for one or two outbursts. But, overall, this reality show would fare better as TikTok and Instagram mommy blogger content.

All that glitz and glam is a façade to conceal the boredom that sets in.

Play dates, nanny and mommy banter. Thanks, but, I will pass.