Ami Faku, Zoë Modiga, Dwson and Ghxst Bunny unite for ‘Afrosoul’ in the Mother City

Cabo Beach Club. Picture: Instagram

Cabo Beach Club. Picture: Instagram

Published Dec 19, 2023


Music lovers, get ready to embrace and jol at “Afrosoult”, the ultimate day and night bash celebrating Africa’s rich cultural heritage through soulful melodies and infectious beats.

Taking place at the scenic Cabo Beach Club in Cape Town, Music People x Sonic Cities proudly present “Afrosoul”. The event is set to kick off the countdown to New Year’s Eve in style.

The line-up has a bit of everything: killer vocals and stage magic from Ami Faku and Zoë Modiga. And then there’s our local star Dwson, bringing those fresh beats that you just can’t resist.

Plus, we've got the one and only Ghxst Bunny from Bridges For Music on the decks, serving up some serious flames.

In a recent conversation with Ghxst Bunny, the young and talented DJ shared the roots of her love for music and the transformative role it has played in her life.

“My love for music started at the ripe age of 6 years old back when I started taking the taxi to and from school. After a couple months of using the taxi, I realised that the taxis going to my neighbourhood, Vuli Valley, were old, dilapidated and weren’t playing loud music.

“Naturally, I stopped taking them and started using the taxis from a neighbourhood close by called eCuba, where the taxis were newer, the drivers were younger and, most importantly, they played loud music.

“I’d have to walk a longer distance to get home, but at least I wouldn’t be in a boring and old taxi with no music.“

Touching on her role as a DJ, Ghxst Bunny revealed that her favourite part of being a DJ is the ability to share the music she loves with others and witnessing their genuine appreciation for it.

Music has been a companion through the highs and lows of her life, and now she hopes it can serve as a similar source of solace and joy for someone else.

The main acts include incredible powerhouses such as Ami Faku and Zoë Modiga, bringing their killer vocals and stage magic. And let’s not forget our local star, Dwson, with his fresh beats, and the groove master Ghxst Bunny from Bridges For Music on the decks. Picture: Ghxst Bunny Supplied

If you’re eager to experience the talent of these incredible musicians, mark your calendar for December 29. The music event kicks off at 4pm and takes places at the renowned Cabo Beach Club, a hot spot for some of the best music festivals and events in Cape Town.

Expect an evening brimming with energy, vibrant vibes, and, of course, exceptional music.

“Oh man, I’ve got a bag full of treats for ‘Afrosoul’. I’ve got so many private, soulful and jazzy amapiano gems I’ve been holding onto for way too long. In summary, they can expect good music and extremely cold drinks,” said Ghxst Bunny.

Whether you’re into Ami Faku’s soulful melodies, Zoë Modiga’s stage presence, Dwson’s innovative sounds, or Ghxst Bunny’s beats, “AFROSOUL” is all about bringing people together and celebrating Africa’s rich heritage.

Tickets for this exclusive event are available for purchase at Howler, ranging from R350 to R750 per person.