Calls for Zodwa Wabantu to be cancelled following another controversial video

Zodwa Wabantu gets up close with a fan while performing. Picture: Instagram.

Zodwa Wabantu gets up close with a fan while performing. Picture: Instagram.

Published Jan 2, 2024


Mzansi social media users are calling for dancer and entertainer Zodwa Wabantu to be cancelled.

The entertainer is trending for all the wrong reasons and according to scores of X users, she should not be booked for any future events after a video of one of her dances emerged online.

In the video, a female dancer is seen laying on the floor with her feet in the air, while she inserts a bottle into her private regions.

Wabantu endured the wrath of social media users when she is seen encouraging the dancer’s risqué antics in the video.

Meanwhile, in another video that trended on social media, Wabantu is seen sitting on a stage while a man performs cunnilingus on her, exacerbating calls for her to be cancelled.

The inappropriate video has left many Tweeps contemplating whether Wabantu’s entertainment services are really needed in the country.

One social media user, @zeema_kay, said: “When are we cancelling Zodwa Wabantu? Disgusting!”

@Phislash added: “People like Zodwa are agents, their mandate is to speed up the moral degeneration of young black girls and women in plain sight with people cheering them on and she’s not alone.”

— ♣☆»🇿🇦TheGreatDlamini🇿🇦«☆♣ (@Phislash) January 1, 2024

Another user, @Manikipi wrote: “Zodwa Wabantu must be arrested for committing public indecency. Ayikho le.”

Meanwhile, @AkLaleki posted: “Zodwa must be banned from clubs she’s bad influence on the children and she keeps on humiliating the dignity of the black woman # Zodwa must be banned.”

Yet another user, @Qhawe___L, responded: “How do you cancel Zodwa and leave out brothels, strip clubs, prostitution, only fans and porn? You want to hold an individual accountable for societal dysfunction?”

— Qhawe (@Qhawe___L) January 1, 2024