Did Somizi Mhlongo just open a liquor store?



Published Jan 8, 2024


South African media personality and entrepreneur Somizi Mhlongo has added another feather to his cap with the recent acquisition of a liquor store.

Adding a personal touch to his new venture, Mhlongo has named the store after himself, marking a significant milestone in his entrepreneurial journey.

His achievement was captured in an epic photo, showcasing Somizi’s enthusiasm for his latest venture.

In an Instagram post, Mhlongo can be seen grinning like the cat that got the cream, standing proudly in front of Somizi's Liquor Store.

Of course, Somizi’s fans couldn't resist sounding off in the comments about his new business move. Some were all about those warm congrats, while others went wild with champagne bottle emojis. Either way, Mzansi is vibing with it.

@tanya_zara__ commented positive vibes: “You are such a free spirited happy soul. I hope one day i can rise from depression and be a tiny bit like you. Because at the end of the day WHO CARES WHAT PEOPLE THINK? Such freedom 😍.”

@princess___teressa_erica: “also shared a similar sentiment: “Onething about u and they will never take away from u, ur humanity, love for your people, uyafikeleleka as much as uyicelebtity unemali akuphakamanga ❤️🔥❤️.”

Hilariously, several people were throwing around the theory that it was shebexit posing. Are they trying to say Somizi and Shebeshxt look like twins separated at birth?

Even the Shebeshxt commented: “Topless Ninja🔥🔥🔥.”

@given_katlegoblaqchild wrote: “I also thought it was shebexit too😂😂.”

While @_rkm28 commented: “I thought I was looking at Shebexit 😂😂.”

“Somizi be looking like @official.shebeshxt,” wrote another.

Meanwhile, Shebeshxt took to his personal Instagram with a post that had fans hitting the panic button. He dropped a bomb, saying, "They hired people to kill me. Pray for me.“

Adding to the drama, traditional healer Mkhulu Qheba shared a video with a serious warning for Shebeshxt regarding his life.

According to him, a message had been passed to him about Shebeshxt and he strongly advised against eating and drinking when the artist performed in the Vaal.