Don’t be fooled by the name, Angel is a shit-stirrer on ‘The Real Housewives of Durban’ Season 4

The cast of ‘The Real Housewives of Durban’ Season 4. Picture: Supplied

The cast of ‘The Real Housewives of Durban’ Season 4. Picture: Supplied

Published Feb 19, 2024


Of all the South African iterations of “The Real Housewives” franchise, “The Real Housewives of Durban” is the best.

This reality series is always giving and fans are here for the drama, beefs and throw-downs.

And if you watched Season 3, I don’t need to go into too much detail about Slindile “Slee” Wendy Ndlovu losing her cool and finally throwing hands on her former best friend, Nonku Williams.

Truth be told, Nonku was asking for it by airing Slee’s dirty laundry and calling her “broke”. But Slee took back her narrative by saying, “I'm not broke… I'm financially overstretched.”

By the end of the season, the bad blood between the two remained as did other fall outs. Maria Valaskatzis and Jojo Robinson were not on speaking terms. Jojo’s dig at Maria over her lip fillers was a low blow, especially since she is known for enjoying her nip/tuck enhancements.

There was also the issue of Maria “losing” her gusband Ruan Scheepers to Jojo, which cut deep.

While Sorisha Naidoo decided not to play nice and was calling a spade a spade in Season 3, which saw her and Nonku clash often, she is still the most likeable cast member and, without a doubt, often the voice of reason.

Two episodes into the new season, I can’t say that I’m missing Annie Mthembu or Sane Bhengu.

More so, with the new cast members – Nqobile “Angel” Ndlela and Zamaswazi Ngcobo – bringing the heat. We’ve yet to see Ameigh Thompson, aka Amanda Sosibo.

Now for the tea.

The first episode kicked off with Sorisha throwing a soirée for the queens. It was aligned with the elements: earth, wind, fire and water.

Sadly, not everyone got the assignment right, but there was no correcting anyone when it was meant to be a kumbaya gathering.

Sorisha went to great lengths to get everyone to bury the hatchet and forgive the person who wronged them. Again, the objective went pear-shaped as everyone pussyfooted around the issue. Most opted to forgive themselves.

Thankfully, Sorisha stepped up and addressed her missteps where Sane was concerned.

Of course, no gathering is ever without drama and the “baby” in the group – Angel – brought it. She took exception to Zama calling her a kid, despite her owning her baby status.

The irony wasn’t lost on everyone, but Zama was the epitome of grace by not taking the bait.

Of course, after the event, the cliques gathered to unpack it. Jojo, Nonku and Angel decided to destress over a painting break.

While Jojo’s admiration of Angel’s chutzpah, which is more like a child having a temper tantrum, was evident, Nonku wasn’t co-signing.

Maria, aside from a yoga session with Sorisha, caught up with Slee and Zama.

While Slee, who has moved to a new home and is launching a fashion line that speaks to her financially overstretched catchphrase, was balls to the wall with her feedback, Zama trod more carefully.

In episode two, Maria decided to throw an event as well. This time, everyone was asked to bring their gusbands. And she got to show off her “upgrade” – celebrity stylist Neil Ramautar.

A few awkward moments aside, everything was going well until Angel decided to attack Neil, who didn’t hold back either.

She called Maria and Neil out for shading Ruan with the “gusbands, present and past” comment.

While they defended themselves, as they should, Ruan, who was the least confrontational person at the table, tried to quell the tension.

Slee joined the conversation and called Angel out for her tone and being somewhat of a hypocrite.

Overall, while most of the OG cast members appear to have outgrown previous beefs and are gravitating more towards a peaceful co-existence, one newbie is determined to keep this from happening.

“The Real Housewives of Durban” Season 4 is giving. Aside from serving soft life vibes with luxury homes, cars and high-fashion, the cattiness, backstabbing and drama dominate the new season, making it a must-see.

And can someone please put “baby” in the corner when the grown-ups are talking?

∎ “The Real Housewives of Durban” is streaming on Showmax.