GoodLuck’s Juliet Harding on creating music from the soul

The award-winning electronic band are renowned for their live performances. Picture: Instagram.

The award-winning electronic band are renowned for their live performances. Picture: Instagram.

Published Apr 22, 2024


Award-winning electronic band GoodLuck has spent much of the past few years setting stages alight in South Africa and abroad.

Renowned for their live electronic performances, the group comprising Juliet Harding, Ben Peters and Tim Welsh, have had sold-out performances in Ireland, the UK and Vietnam.

For the first time in almost two years, they have released new music.

As is the case with all their musical offerings, the renowned South African band’s latest single, “Goodbye My Friend”, which features Afro-tech duo Frigid Armadillo, has a deeper meaning to it.

Harding, who is the group’s lead singer, explained to Independent Media Lifestyle recently that the song is dedicated to anyone experiencing some kind of loss.

GoodLuck. Picture: Supplied.

She added that a personal encounter prompted the group to work on the new single.

“The song is inspired by my friends who announced during a dinner that they were getting a divorce and that while they still loved each other, they felt that splitting up was better for their personal growth.”

“I was shocked by the mature way they were handling their divorce and after the dinner, I decided to write the song as a way of processing my own feelings on the matter,” she said.

“It turned out to be an interesting song and different people will be able to relate to it in different ways, whether they are going through a breakup, grieving or dealing with toxic family members or friendships.”

Following the release of “Goodbye My Friend”, Harding said that they plan on releasing more new music this year.

“We have spent some time doing gigs and touring so it doesn't really feel like we have gone anywhere, but it does feel good to be back to writing and releasing new music.”

Since they burst onto the scene in 2011, GoodLuck’s offerings such as “Waiting for Summer” and “I Feel Alive” have dominated the music charts and have notched millions of streams online.

They have also collaborated with top artists such as DJ Ganyani, Craig Lucas, Ice Prince and have performed alongside the likes of Pharrell Williams, Groove Armada and Basement Jaxx.

GoodLuck. Picture: Supplied.

Harding believes that one of the secrets of their success is that their music is wide-ranging.

“We have always made a diverse array of music and we don't necessarily prescribe to a certain sound.”

“We just try to be as true to the song as we possibly can and our motto is to make the song the hero.”

The GoodLuck lead singer added that they are determined to help as many people as they can through their music.

“Much of our songs are centred around positivity and nature, and for me personally, I do what I do to make the world a better place, as cliché as that may sound.”

“I feel personally obligated to use my musical talents to help people improve their lives.”

“As a songwriter, music is not about me as a person. I believe that I was chosen to be a portal for different ideas and that I should be open to the world and then it is up to the world to decide if they are open to the messages that I put out there.”

Harding is also proud to be a musician from South Africa, a country which she believes produces “pure and honest music”.

“What makes South African music so special is that it is so unique.”

“A lot of the pop music that is out there is so generic but in Africa, we express ourselves from our souls.”

Harding jokingly added that GoodLuck are also set to welcome a “little fourth wheel” later this year.

Harding and fellow bandmate, Peters, are expecting their arrival of their daughter in June and she acknowledged that this will be a massive life change.

“Ben and I have all the right intentions for the baby and we will put these intentions out there, but no matter what happens, our child will always come first.”

“We will plan as much as we can, but we are also going to try and take it one day at a time.”

The three-piece band plans to take a small break from their live performances as they prepare for the birth but Harding said they should return in the summer.

“Things might get a little quieter for us over the next few months but we will still be in the background making and releasing music.”