How personalised music playlists can help you achieve your New Year’s resolutions

Spotify has created several personalised playlists to help people stay on track with their new year resolutions. File image.

Spotify has created several personalised playlists to help people stay on track with their new year resolutions. File image.

Published Jan 31, 2024


As the first month of 2024 draws to a close, scores of people from all walks of life are still making New Year resolutions.

And as many leave old habits in favour of a more improved and fulfilling mindset, Spotify has created soundtracks to help listeners move towards more positive energy in the new year.

“It's time to crush new year goals with fresh routines, fierce determination, and your trusted music companion,” the global streaming platform said.

Spotify says it has several personalised playlists to help people stay on track, as they work towards reaching their New Year resolutions.

“This year, connect your aspirations to their own unique tunes.’

“Weave together a personalised symphony of motivation, from high-energy anthems that power your workouts to calming lullabies that soothe your mind for peak focus.”

The global platform believes that there is power in music, as it enables personal motivation in all aspects of life.

This includes fitness, overall wellness and self care. There is also music for specific interests such as cooking, travel, as well as spiritual compilations.

“Uplifting melodies can soundtrack your journey towards becoming the best version of yourself.”

“Every song becomes a brush stroke on your canvas of transformation.”

Spotify has created several personalised playlists to help people stay on track with their new year resolutions. File image.

Here are some ways to harmonise new beginnings through Spotify soundtracks, which the platform says can fuel your evolution in the new year:

Spotify explained that health and fitness goal-getters can hit their workout targets with Beast Mode afrobeats and Beast Mode amapiano playlists. “Feel the rhythm, feel the fire, feel like a boss in the gym.”

There are also soundtracks on the platform, to help you relax and unwind.

“Breathe deep, stretch it out, and let the carefully curated wellness playlist melt your stress away,” Spotify said.

“Whether you're into yoga, meditation, or just soaking in a bubble bath, these soothing tunes are your ticket to inner peace.”

Meanwhile, Spotify added that destination seekers who have caught the travel bug, can let the Drop Pin playlist be their sonic passport.

“From epic road trip anthems to island chill vibes, this travel mix will soundtrack their next escape, even if it's just to the grocery store.”

And for those looking at staying through to their sleep resolution this year, there is Spotify’s sleep playlist, which the platform explains, will “cradle you in sonic comfort, sending you into dreamland on a cloud of gentle sound.”

“Awaken, reborn, with slumber's soft kiss upon your brow.”

In addition, culinary enthusiasts, home chefs and foodies can enjoy the cooking and dining playlist, that adds a sprinkle of musical magic to every culinary creation whether the goal is sizzling steaks or simmering sauces.

“The cooking and dining playlist is also perfect to impress on a date with dinner party vibes, or rock out in the kitchen solo - every culinary masterpiece deserves a soundtrack,” it said.

There is also the focus playlist, which can be the go-getter’s ultimate hype squad.

“The playlist is the appropriate inspiration for conquering deadlines, guiding the mastering of new skills, and channelling the inner Einstein with mind-sharpening beats.”

And for those looking to prioritise self-care, there is the soft life playlist, which caters to those who are looking to unwind with a curated selection of soothing tunes for their moments of relaxation.

You can also find a deeper connection in the form of Spotify's gospel playlists, which offer a sanctuary for the soul.

“Sing along, reflect, or let the music guide your prayers - these tunes will uplift and inspire,” the streaming platform added.

“This year, let Spotify be the catalyst that propels you to achieve your goals, spinning the soundtracks to your best year yet. Turn up the volume, tune up the rhythm and turn 2024 into your personal masterpiece.”