Lady Du finds her new groove in gospel music

Lady Du is planning to write gospel music. Picture: INSTAGRAM

Lady Du is planning to write gospel music. Picture: INSTAGRAM

Published Feb 15, 2024


Earlier this year, amapiano artist Lady Du took a courageous step by opening up about her mental health struggles.

In an Instagram post, she shared her journey through difficult times, attributing her resilience to a second chance at life.

Lady Du expressed gratitude for her newfound appreciation for life and simplicity, attributing it to divine intervention.

Her decision to integrate gospel music into her performances speaks volumes about her spiritual journey and newfound purpose.

In a recent performance, Lady Du unapologetically switched from her own songs to gospel, suggesting a deeper connection to her faith and a desire to share this with others despite the setting.

In an Instagram post she highlighted her faith and willingness to follow the guidance of her heart.

She wrote: “I knew my purpose was to be a fisher of men!!!! Pastors don’t go to groove so when the spirit of God comes through I do as I am told! What ever it is that my heart wants to present I follow ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

“One day I’ll write a gospel song ❤️❤️“

One fan wrote: “What trendsetter. Superstar 💫😍😍😍😍😍.”

@chris.thwala commented: “Yerrrr @ladydu_sa so you just jump from groove to gospel and no one complained. That's the spirit of the Lord. We thank God that he is everywhere and will bring his people back to himself no matter what. Siyabonga for accepting ubizo lakho.”

@cindylusindiso wrote: “And I'm looking forward to hearing that gospel song WAWA.🙌🥺❤️.”