LOOK: 23 contestants are ready to disrupt the household in ‘Big Brother Mzansi’ season 4

Elsie Sese, 23, is set to bring the heat to the ‘Big Brother Mzansi’ house. Picture: Supplied

Elsie Sese, 23, is set to bring the heat to the ‘Big Brother Mzansi’ house. Picture: Supplied

Published Jan 22, 2024


“Big Brother Mzansi” is officially back.

The fourth season, which started on Mzansi Magic (DStv channel 161) on Sunday, January 21, revealed the 23 contestants who will be serving viewers a “disruptive” season.

The charismatic Lawrence Maleka returns as the show’s host.

Subtitled, “Big Brother Mzansi: S’ya Mosha”, the premiere episode took off with performances by Kamo Mphela, DJ and producer Tyler ICU featuring Tumelo.za, Leemackrazy and Khaul Anderson.

Viewers also got a front-row seat to the new house that the housemates will be spending their time in.

According to the channel: “Biggie made sure the house is a kaleidoscope of colour, spacious, resembling a fun haven for the housemates.

“A large lounge, garden, deck, jacuzzi, spacious kitchen, bathroom, storeroom and of course, a cosy diary room for Biggie’s moments with the housemates.”

The 23 competitors who will be gunning for the title, status and prize money are:

Tshepo Tau – “Makhekhe”

Makhekhe. Picture: Supplied

The 27-year-old Katlehong resident says he’s not changing who he is, and aims to have fun inside the house.

Chuene Kaapu – “Chuenzaa”

Chuenzaa. Picture: Supplied

The 24-year-old said if they won the grand prize they would take their mother, sister and BBM host, Lawrence to the city of love, Paris.

Lindokuhle Nsele – “Bravo B”

Bravo B. Picture: Supplied.

The 26-year-old Durbanite, who believes in polygamy, is aiming to test the waters until he find the right partner in the house.

Muthusiemang Bika – “Young Pappi”

Young Pappi. Picture: Supplied

The Kimberly-born 22-year-old is a student and believes that once he is in love and in a relationship he will not cheat.

According to him “S’ya Mosha” means creating chaos.

“It’s busy, it’s everything. It’s one, two, three. It’s drama, it’s violence, it’s kisses, it’s smashing, it’s everything… I’m going to make sure that everyone must feel my presence. And they must feel gore ja Young Pappi is in charge. I’m in charge here.”

Sabelo Ncube – “PapaGhost”

PapaGhost. Picture: Supplied

The Johannesburg music producer is 36 and says he is a very giving, attentive, loving and overbearing partner.

Mishack Mazibuko – “Mich”

Mich. Picture: Supplied

23-year-old student and content creator Mich is from Midrand. He says he has a “very beautiful love language” and that everyone in his path will fall in love with him.

McJunior Zondi – “McJunior”

McJunior. Picture: Supplied

The 25-year-old aspiring writer says he is the loyal type.

“I move loyal. I move exclusive. I mean, if it's yours and you want to share it, but if it's mine, na. Loyalty!”

Sinaye Kotobe – “Sinaye”

Sinaye. Picture: Supplied

The Eastern Cape-born, self-employed 24-year-old says when he gets into a relationship, it is “forever”.

To him, “S’ya Mosha” means have fun, be creative, and be authentic.

Wilfred Thathane – “Willy”

Willy. Picture: Supplied

The 24-year-old intern from Garankuwa, Gauteng, believes he is “a sweetheart”.

“The way I move in relationships is forever, I am a sweetheart. S'ya Mosha means senya ke tla patela. I always choose violence.”

Mfanele Nduku – “Jareed”

Jareed. Picture: Supplied

Nduku is a 24-year-old who lives in Pretoria. The structural and mechanical designer’s motto is “kiss them all, tell none”.

“I’m an honourable man and I keep my business. Hopefully they do too,” he said.

Takalani Muthige – “Taki”

Taki. Picture: Supplied

The 27-year-old entertainer says he is basically a “lover boy”.

“Think of Take Care Drake. You know, very emotional, very ‘I want you and nobody else’ type of space, type of vibe, type of energy. That is how I am. I got a lot of love to give. I love, so that’s how I move in relationships.

“I am a disruptor because I like to have a lot of fun, but also within that fun I can be very, very deep. I can get to know you very well, and all your deepest, darkest secrets and I can use that against you.”

Harriet Mthimunye – “Mpumi”

Mthimunye, a 23-year-old nightclub MC, claims that she is a “one-man woman”.

“One forever yena, definitely. That’s how I move in a relationship. I’m a one-man woman.”

Lerato Modise – “Lerato”

Lerato. Picture: Supplied

Dominant 30-year-old Modise says she is learning how to be submissive.

“Not that I'm a cry-baby but give me attention. I like attention and take accountability.

“I'm calm, collected, chaotic and charismatic. Not to mention that I'm a philanthropic person at heart. I'm also my name, Lerato, that's a bit of kindness.”

Ichumile Nozibele – “Meelay”

Meelay. Picture: Supplied

Nozibele is a make-up artist from East London. The 26-year-old says she doesn’t want to be labelled as “bad”.

“I'm going to be a bad person if I say ‘kiss them all’. So, I can't say that. One ‘forever yena’, I would say. I am a disruptor because I'm a ticking time bomb.”

Eulanda Monyai – “Yolanda”

Yolanda. Picture: Instagram

The 32-year-old sales consultant and model claims she is very loyal and catches feeling “very fast”.

“I am a forever yena because I'm loyal and I'm very honest and I catch feelings very fast so if I'm in, I'm literally in.”

She describes herself as “loud, very talkative, overconfident sometimes, and very confrontational”.

Elsie Sese – “Els”

Els. Picture: Supplied

The hairdresser from Vanderbilj Park is 23. She claims to have a blazing personality and is ready to “bring the heat”.

In relationships she moves with the flow.

“I will go, only if it is good for me,” she says.

Palesa Motanyane – “Pale”

Pale. Picture: Supplied

Motanyane, 30, is a business development manager who doesn’t like sharing her “person”.

“My person is my person and mine alone. And, when they are mine alone, it’s forever yena. But if they break my heart, then we try again and have another forever yena.

“I am a packaged deal. I am that one that you must just keep your eyes on day in (and) day out.”

Siphosethu Mxunyelwa – “Sammy M”

22-year-old Sammy M. Picture: Supplied

This goldsmith doesn’t believe in “shapa ka stina”.

“I want a single man and I do not share. We do not share this side.”

Mbali Miya – “Mali”

25-year-old Mali. Picture: Supplied

The Thembisa bolt driver and club hostess says she moves faithfully but “breaks” other relationships.

Zinhle Mofokeng – “Zee”

Zee. Picture: Supplied

The 25-year-old club hostess says she is always in a long-term relationship.

“I date to marry… I can be very spicy!”

Liyema Phantsi – “Liema”

Liema. Picture: Supplied

Phantsi is a 22-year-old student and bartender. The self-confessed flirt says she is the “kiss them all and tell no one” kind of girl.

“Because I'm a natural flirt. A lot of people like to think I'm flirting with them so I think that will be very problematic.”

Alfredoh Matsingwane – “Faheema”

26-year-old Faheema. Picture: Supplied

Matsingwane is a musician from Pretoria and she is coming for all the men in the house.

"We about to F the s*** up! I'm that chick, I cause trouble wherever I go,“ she says.

Neo Sibiya – “Neo”

Neo. Picture: Supplied

The 21-year-old fitness coach and content creator believes that a girl “doesn’t kiss and tell”.

“They have shapa'd me once so I know the feeling. I'm very territorial, what's mine is mine and in this economy everyone wants to share and I don't want to a be part of that sharing so please mark me absent.”

She says she will be “bringing the vibes”.

“I'm bringing the disruption, I'm bringing the style, I'm bringing the glitz, the glam. Listen! Everything that is positive and elegant – boss lady! That's exactly what I'm bringing.”

∎ “Big Brother Mzansi: S’ya Mosha” 24/7 live screening will air on DStv channel 198 and all the live shows on Mzansi Magic (DStv channel 161).