LOOK: Fans react to DJ Zinhle freeing the nipple



Published Mar 22, 2024


DJ Zinhle took it to the tizzy this Thursday with her latest post-gig pics. Known for her fearless fashion choices and unapologetic self-expression, this South African DJ doesn't shy away from turning heads – even if it means sparking a little controversy along the way.

Sporting a jaw-dropping green ensemble that screamed "Yass!"

Zinhle's Instagram feed lit up with snapshots that left little to the imagination. Yup, those strategically placed glimpses of her newly enhanced assets had tongues wagging and keyboards clacking.

While some applauded her for owning her body and flaunting her style, others couldn't resist raising an eyebrow – or two. Cue the heated debates on beauty standards, self-love, and the relentless scrutiny faced by women in the limelight.

But let's not pretend this is just about one DJ's daring fashion choices. Oh no, it's a reflection of society's ongoing obsession with policing women's bodies and dictating what's deemed acceptable.

Anyway, sis captioned her post: “Hope you’re having a fabulous day…”

Social media users weighed in.

@madam.princess06 commented: “Zihle no to the nipples.”

@msthaby shared the same sentiment: “The nipples look wrong period. People are losing the plot with this celebrity thing 👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽”

ntokzin_wayawaya also commented: “What a 2000 things grandma”

However, most fans embraced the look.

@gcali_kamdingi commented: “It’s time we embrace ourselves nje as African beauties #braless🤩”

ayola_mk also commented: “Leading the braless revolution… love it 😍❤🔥🙌”

@ntsikarise also wrote: “This braless thing it's lit ... 🔥🔥🔥 Let's go back to our roots.”

@shanna.louw wrote: “And if my boobs looked like that , trust and believe I will not own a bra 🔥🔥.”