LOOK: Local stars come out to play at ‘Kandasamys: The Baby’ Durban premiere

The cast of “Kandasamys: The Baby”. Picture: Netflix

The cast of “Kandasamys: The Baby”. Picture: Netflix

Published Oct 20, 2023


Durbanites came out in their numbers to support director Jayan Moodley’s fourth instalment of the hugely popular “Kandasamys” film franchise.

A special screening of “Kandasamys: The Baby” was held on Thursday, October 19, at the Gateway Theatre of Shopping before its Friday official worldwide release on streaming giant Netflix.

The cast of Mishqah Parthiephal (Jodi), Madhushan Singh (Preshen), Jailoshini Naidoo (Jennifer), Maeshni Naicker (Shanti), Koobeshan Naidoo (Elvis), Yugan Naidoo (Preggie), Mariam Bassa (Aya) as well as director Jayan Moodley, looked dashing on the red carpet.

Maeshni Naicker. Picture: Netflix

Parthiephal was dressed by vintage-inspired designer McCarthy Wolff. And the white attire came from Wolff’s latest floral collection.

Speaking about the film, Parthiephal said developing her character through the fourth instalment was pretty easy.

“The character has always reflected my own life. Jodi had a baby, and I had a baby just a few months before filming, so what I was doing at home with my son is what I was doing on set.

Mishqah Parthiephal. Picture: Netflix

“Jodi’s character goes through a lot of hardships, especially in motherhood. To showcase something like that is so important. Sometimes we struggle with deeper things and to see it on the silver and big screen highlighted in this way, makes people feel like they are not alone.”

Singh, who plays the much-loved character Prishen, looked dapper in a tan double-breasted formal suit which he confessed to buying in Fordsburg.

“No designer, just got it at Fordsburg.”

About the film, he said he hoped families get together and watch it.

“I hope they love it. Cry, dance, just enjoy it and I hope it gives a voice to people in my generation, raises questions and brings about certain discussions in motherhood.”

About his character, he said, it was a natural progression.

“Going through the motions of the character, and of course leading up to him getting married and having a baby, I think it was just an organic trajectory for the character. So to step in his shoes again was super easy.”

Madhushan Singh. Picture: Netflix

He admitted that playing a father in the movie gave him “baby-fever”.

“I absolutely loved it,” he said.

Naidoo stepped out look absolutely stunning in an Areeb Ahmed design. The Elite Custom Design saw Naidoo in a shimmering brown formal dress, with a thigh-high slit. She look was completed with cerise pink buffed sleeves and trail.

“This one is particularly special to me because I co-wrote it with Yugan and Jayan, so it is very precious to me.

Jailoshini Naidoo. Picture: Netflix

“It’s not easy to make one movie, let alone two. But we’ve made our fourth and that’s largely because of our fans who have been so completely supportive.

“You just make one movie and they waiting for the next one. That’s what makes it possible,” she said.

She said because the team keeps trying to raise the bar, this time they travelled Mauritius.

“Scenically it’s just so beautiful and I think viewers are going to go on this incredible journey with us. This particular movie has all the elements of comedy in the format, because it works, but there is also a lot of heart in it.”

The cast of “Kandasamys: The Baby”.

“Kandasamys: The Baby” sends viewers on a roller-coaster ride of their lives.

Yugan Naidoo. Picture: Netflix

“Kandasamys: The Baby” is currently streaming on Netflix.