Mzansi drags celebrities who attended the ANC’s 112th anniversary celebration

FILE: Dr Malinga performing at the Malamulele Stadium in Limpopo during President Jacob Zuma's election campaign. Photo: Matthews Baloyi

FILE: Dr Malinga performing at the Malamulele Stadium in Limpopo during President Jacob Zuma's election campaign. Photo: Matthews Baloyi

Published Jan 17, 2024


South Africa is a democratic country, which means everyone has a right to support any political party of their choice.

For the past 30 years, the country has been ruled by the ANC and it is no secret that South Africans aren’t happy with the ruling party for failing with service delivery and reportedly squandering taxpayers’ money with the misuse state funds.

As such, most celebrities, including Dr Malinga, vowed to never perform at any ANC event.

During an interview with Robot Boii last year, the musician, known for performing at ANC events, said he would never do it again.

This came after the poor service delivery in his hometown, Hammanskraal.

However, the musician went back on his word as he recently performed at the ANC’s latest event in Mbombela Stadium, Mpumalanga.

South Africans dragged him to the filth for being a traitor.

“How did this happen, guys? I thought we all agreed we're anti-ANC, and we're voting the ANC out this year? Even Dr Malinga is there topless like he's Shebeshxt,” commented @MogomotsiLebot2.

And no, Dr Malinga wasn’t the only celebrity having a jol at the ANC’s party.

Media personality Penny Lebyane was having the time of her life, smiling from ear to ear, dressed in ANC regalia.

She was joined by reality TV star and musician Papa Penny and local producer, DJ Maphorisa.

And while they were having the time of their lives, South Africans responded by saying they must keep the same energy when the very same government they are having fun with fails to support them as creatives.

“I don’t want to hear y’all saying the government doesn’t support creatives and artists. I don’t want to hear it from you! If you die poor in Baragwanath Hospital, I don’t want to hear sad stories,” said @_SphesihleM.

Another X user, @Kyberthegray, said: “Celebrities need to start placing their integrity before money. ANC has the opposite of the Midas touch, everything they touch rusts and rots full of all degenerates, yet people with a mass following are seen associating with them. Sies! Shame on all of you!!!”

In other news, Boy Mamabolo, a member of the National Assembly of South Africa, was caught on camera cheating on his wife at the ANC party.

He was seen kissing another woman and then tried to sanitise his image by posting pictures of his wife and kids and as he was called out for using his family to conceal his infidelity.

“This is what’s frustrating about infidelity. Now you must drag the entire family into your foolish attempts at sanitising your image. We’d have to fight twice,” wrote @lwazilwapheshey.