Nasty C’s girlfriend returns to the spotlight with new single, 'Moving With Ease'

Sammie Heavens released a new single. Picture: INSTAGRAM

Sammie Heavens released a new single. Picture: INSTAGRAM

Published Apr 30, 2024


Another year older, another hit song – talk about a birthday being done right.

Cheers to Sammie Heavens, the partner of the one and only Nasty C, and the proud mama of their little one.

These two have been going strong since their high school days and dropped the news that they were expecting in 2023. And now, just when we thought life couldn't get any better, Heavens has returned to the spotlight with her latest single, "Moving With Ease."

In an article in “Drum” magazine, Heavens previously opened up about how her man, Nasty C, inspired her to pursue her passion for poetry and music. Talk about relationship goals, right?

She said : “I was scared to tell him that I wanted to rap, I was scared he would think I’m not taking it seriously. I didn’t want him to think I am mocking the arts or that I’m just doing it because I saw him become successful off it.”

She continued: "He inspired the passion and he pushed me to be unapologetic about me pursuing music. He made me fearless, after I told him I wasn’t scared of anything.”

Nasty C doesn't hold back from showcasing his long-time girlfriend's talent. He revealed to "Timeslive" during his album launch last year that he had included their son Oliver and Heavens in the album, stating: "Sam is an actual poet, she is sick. I really wanted to have her on it. She did a four to six-bar poem at the end of the intro."

He recently took to Instagram to wish his baby mamma: “Happy Birthday Mama ♥️♥️ (New Music link in her bio!!! — @sammieheavens)”

@junior_dikotsi commented: “U should advertise this on tv🥺ur music deserves better recognition mama💗”

@soetie_boy commented: “Risk comes from not knowing what you're doing. Happy birthday young Queen 🥰🤎“

“The song is hard 🔥,” @ziphok10 wrote.