Black Motion's Smol opens up about reunion with Mörda

Smol, whose real name is Roy Thabo Mabogwane, and Mörda, also known as Murdah Bongz. Picture: X

Smol, whose real name is Roy Thabo Mabogwane, and Mörda, also known as Murdah Bongz. Picture: X

Published Apr 26, 2024


In a surprising turn of events, Black Motion's Smol and former group member Mörda have patched things up after a two-year public feud.

Now they are celebrating friendship through their latest collaboration song, "Takala Zwino."

Smol, whose real name is Roy Thabo Mabogwane, and Mörda, also known as Murdah Bongz, were the dynamic duo behind Black Motion, a powerhouse in the Afro-house music scene since 2010.

However, in 2022, Mörda decided to part ways with the group to pursue a solo career, leaving Smol in a state of uncertainty.

Reflecting on that time, Smol shared with “Sowetan SMag”: "I don’t want to lie, that phase was a very weird time for me. It’s unexplainable actually because we were just fresh from the pandemic and I thought we were trying to rebuild from the time lost under lockdown."

Despite the challenges, Smol recognised the importance of their loyal fans.

"Some of our supporters met at our shows years ago and are now a family – these people have put their lives in our hands as musicians, so I had no choice but to consider them when it came to keeping and sustaining the brand Black Motion," he expressed.

The long-awaited reunion was sparked by their upcoming song, "Takala Zwino," set to drop on May 10. Featuring Afrikan Roots and Deejay Buckz, the track is a testament to cherishing good times with good friends.

"Making beautiful music is the only way we could prove to people that things are okay between us. We just want them to vibe with us like the good old times," Smol added.

Adding to the excitement of the reunion is the inclusion of Kabelo "Problem Child" Koma, whom Smol refers to as the "godfather of house music".

Excited about the new addition, Smol said: "Problem Child has always inspired Black Motion… from day one. When we started out in 2010, we used to play music produced by Kabelo."

Beyond the music, Smol is passionate about giving back to the community. Through his foundation, he aims to provide indigenous musical instruments to children from disadvantaged backgrounds and dreams of opening an African music school to nurture future talents.

Meanwhile, X user @ChrisExcel102 wrote: “DJ Zinhle lifted the ban …Black Motion is coming back 😭😭🔥🔥”

— ChrisExcel (@ChrisExcel102) April 24, 2024

Some fans are excited about the comeback while others had misgivings about the whole set-up.

@PusherAfrica commented: “Dankie DJ Zinhle 😂.”

— Thabo D Monamodi (@PusherAfrica) April 24, 2024

@MantloroRammala commented: “Black motion is back together joh nna weeh.❤😭💃🏽.”

@SupaJacks joked: “Hahaha!! As for "Lifted the ban" 😂🤣 They were on Lockdown 😅.”

@Nkosi_Shebi asked: “But for how long will the unbanning last?”

— Nonduku👑 (@Nkosi_Shebi) April 24, 2024

@LennyLemix wrote: “It will never be the same again....”

@BasterRus20895 wrote: “She lifted the Covid restrictions a little bit later, it's been 4 years or so without good music, thanks but not thanks.”

@AustineMsagala also commented: “I wonder how they'll reconnect the feeling they gave us listeners in their music. It's been long. Let's see how it goes but this is good.”

— Austine Msagala (@AustineMsagala) April 24, 2024